Who is Kick-Ass Quilts?
Picknick scrap quilt made by rianne of kick ass quilts

About Kick-Ass Quilts

Create art in a sustainable and mindful way

What is Kick-Ass Quilts?

Have you been always fascinated with the idea of quilting? Or are you looking for an activity that will help you wind down after a busy day? 

Let quilting be the tool to get back to yourself.

In the Kick-Ass Quilts College, we'll teach you all the basics you need to know to create your own creative quilted masterpieces. You will not only the basic technologies but also interesting background stories on the art of quilting. Our lessons are suitable for everyone with a willing heart to learn, regardless of previous experience or budget. We believe everyone can learn how to quilt and that everyone should ;). 

Besides the lessons, we offer a community where you can meet with like-minded Kick-Ass Quilters. This will also enable you to learn from each other and get inspiration from a diverse group of people.

Experience for yourself why quilting has been popular for generations since as far back as the 13th century. Not only as a way to make beautiful useful items but also as a way to connect with like-minded people. Also, for centuries it has been an excellent tool for mindfulness and to forget about the disturbances in life.

Kick-Ass Quilting is the new dawn. A relaxing past-time as a counter to the busy life outside the peaceful quilting bubble of Kick-Ass Quilts. Join us and become a Kick-Ass Quilter (Or KAQ'er for short).

Who is Rianne, the teacher of Kick-Ass Quilts?

I teach quilting  because it has the capacity to make people feel good and better about themselves with some basic tools and materials.  Quilting had made me a stronger and more confident person. Within the Kick-Ass Quilts College, I've created quilting and teaching methods anyone can follow. All of this based on using materials you already own. This is the most creative, interesting and sustainable way to create quilts. 

My methods are rooted in the rich tradition of quilting of make do. These days overconsumption is ruling the day, and that is neither sustainable, nor conducive for creativity. 

With Kick-Ass Quilts  I am taking the roots of quilting back to the modern day. Making it relevant for a new generation of quilters! 

Rianne kick-ass quilts founder smiling with colourful quilt made from upcycled scrap fabric
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