Sustainable Quilt collaborations

Sustainable Quilting Collaborations

A sustainable future is created together. On this page you find the current collaboration partners of Kick Ass Quilts

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From March 2022 to September 2022, a group of about 15 young people in the refugee camp Nakivale in Uganda followed the 'Sustainable Quilting' course of Kick Ass Quilts. This in collaboration with the local organization, the 'Shabani Social Project Initiative' (SSPI).

In November 2022 we partnered with the SSPI and the Comfort Blanket for Our Planet foundation to build the dream of a long-term community of quilting and other creative expressions. This is to give perspective and hope to the young people, while creating awareness about the environment and sustainability.

SSPI Uganda Sustainable Quilting

Education, environmentalism, art, and creativity to uplift spirits and give hope

Comfort Blanket for Our Planet

Make the world more beautiful and sustainable through collaboration

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