December Gift - Sustainable DIY tutorials for a good cause
22 december 2022 
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December Gift - Sustainable DIY tutorials for a good cause

Because I got something for you! 

3 on-demand tutorials for a small sustainable DIY craft for only 10 euros. And each euro will be used for a good cause!

Because me, Moise from the SSPI (the Ugandan Quilters) and Gijsje are working together to build a permanent sustainable crafting space in a refugee settlement in Uganda. It's a way for them to get livelihoods, hope, community and a clean environment.

Wilde Ganzen is supporting us too, which means they add money according to how much we raise ourselves.  

Sustainable scrap quilt wishing star tutorial

  •  A mini scrap quilt tutorial to make a wishing star
  • Pimp your sock with embroidery techniques
  • Upcycle plastic bottles to a Christmas tree

DIY Christmas gift: Pimp your socks tutorial

Doing good while holiday crafting!

  • We want to host another quilt class in 2023. Last one was successful and more people are eager to learn.  50% of the money goes to Sustainable Quilt Classes
  • 50% goes to the permanent building so there is a suitable place for the students to go
  • Together, we make sure there are people with the skill to turn textile trash into treasure and a place to do so!

Upcycle plastic bottle to christmas gift: Tutorial

  • 3 online tutorials you can access long after the holidays
  • A list of materials needed, most you already own
  • An afternoon of fun for each tutorial alone of with friends
  • Gift ideas for the next holiday season!
  • New creative skills. It's beginner-friendly and you'll surprise yourself.

So, what are you waiting for. Help us help the people at Nakivale and gift yourself a fun tine and a new craft this holiday season.

If like a 100 people buy this gift,   we already got a lot of the expenses for the 2023 quilt classes covered!

Get the sustainable DIY holiday gift tutorials here: December gift. 

We thank you all a lot. 

Would you like to know more about the people behind this project?

-> Who is Gijsje from the Comfort Blanket of Our Planet?

-> What is the Sustainable Quilting Project at refugee settlement Nakivale with SSPI?

-> Who is Rianne from Kick Ass Quilts?

'Society's Trash will be Our Treasure'

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