Sustainable Christmas present for creatives: Quilting!
Hands handpiecing a quilt block

Are you looking for a sustainable Christmas gift?

Be the hero of your creative person by giving them unique Sustainable Mindful Quilting class

Sustainability and mindfulness as creative gift

A creative always wants to learn something new

We all know people in our life who love to be creative, right? Creativity keeps them sane and gives them confidence they can do anything. However, creativity comes with a lot of stuff...

This quilting class teaches a sustainable hobby. Sustainable quilting is all about using the materials you already have. To turn treasured garments into beloved quilts.

What does sustainable quilting mean?

A combination of mindfulness and recycling 

Every year, tons and tons of usable textiles end up in landfills. This has huge negative consequences for the environment. We waste so much materials because of overconsumption and consumerism. Quilting is the perfect technique to extend the life-time of those textiles by upcycling them into valuable quilted items.

Quilting with those materials also brings awareness of the value of textile. Also, with mindful quilting techniques included in the class, you learn how to set the right intention for quilting. This ensures the finished quilt is loved and wanted. The focus is on enjoying the process and taking your time to make a unique, treasured quilt.

People who have discovered the magic of quilting

I like Quilt College because I didn't need to buy any specialist equipment and emphasis was on enjoying making something, rather than making something perfect.

quilted potholder-nikki-shaw made with lessons kick ass quilts college in pink and grey. Quilted with circular lines
Nikki Shaw

Creating a quilt had seemed like a large and difficult task, but following this course helped me. After completing each lesson, I feel like I can tackle a larger quilt project on my own.

Rita Bailey mini-quilt coaster  made in a nine patch pattern with a combination of red solid fabrics and fabric with autumn leaves

Rita Bailey

I have just made my first quilt thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions and videos. Who knew fabric scraps could be so useful and no waste. I have a new hobby, that’s for sure.

edna-quilt-front mini coaster made from grandchildren dresses with lessons kick ass quilt college in purple and white with bug fabric
Edna Peart

Sustainability and Mindfullness come together in the '#mindfulquilting2022' bundle

Mini-quilt coaster purple nine patch

1. Learn the basics of quilting with a small project

Study all techniques to create a quilt in one class.

The magic of quilting is turning fabric scraps into something beautiful. You can turn the scraps into a blanket, bag, coaster, coat, and anything else you can imagine! With the beginner class, you learn the basic quilt techniques you need by making a mini-quilt coaster.

The lessons are with text & video on-demand and divided in small parts to fit in any busy schedule. 30 minutes of quilting a day by hand or machine is perfect to finish your mini-quilt in 1-2 weeks. After that, you can apply the quilt techniques to make your own laptop sleeve.

Upcycle kitenge farbic scraps from the tailor drying in the sun

2. Sustainable quilting: to recycle clothes and fabrics

Unique quilt lessons based on sustainable quilting.

Recycling old clothes and fabric leftovers has always been the tradition in quilting. This is an age-old method of sustainable living. In the quilt class, you learn how to repurpose fabrics into quilts too! This is not only sustainable, but also makes every quilt unique.  

Every year, tons of usable textiles end up in landfills. Also, tons of new textiles are produced for quilting. By quilting sustainably, fabric gets a second life, which diminishes the need to produce new materials. Mindful Quilting is good for the planet in 2 separate ways!

Rianne of kick-ass quilts relaxing on a crazy patchwork picknick quilt made with upcycled fabric

3. Unlock the magic of mindful quilting

Quilting as tool for peace and joy in your life

Quilting as daily practise helps you to separate yourself from the chaos and business of daily life. Working with your hand decreases stress, which allows you to get clarity on your goals and ambitions in life and your wellness. Creativity expands your horizon and gives new ideas.

Practices creative mindfulness for 30 minutes a day turns that moment into an anchor in your life. With practice, it becomes easier and easier to de-stress, find your purpose in life, and enjoy the daily moments for yourself to be creative.

Rianne in front of picknick quilt with laptop

4. Community to support each other in Mindful Quilting 

Grow within a community of like-minded people

Personal growth through mindfulness works best within a save community. We all have days things work better than other days. With a group of people around you, you get the motivation to pick up the needle every day.

Daily quilting is something you can do with your friends, family, or with new friends you will meet in the online community. The most important part is to feel inspired in your quilting projects and mindfulness practices. I am here to help you blossom as a quilter and to reach your goals. 

eva coaster quilt with grey and red

The lessons exude enthusiasm! They clearly follow a mission of embracing sustainability and mindfulness. It has been great fun to collect old clothes from family and friends, to mix and match the fabric pieces, and create something new from them.

Since I am not very skilled at sewing yet, it is great to find that the lessons provide step-by-step details (using video, text and images) for hand sewing and machine sewing. I am currently travelling and took with me fabric scraps, a needle and thread: I'm happy to continue learning this craft and being creative wherever.

Eva Thuijsman
hand quilting kitenga fabric

December Bonus: Mindful Quilting bundle

Start with the right mindful quilting plans 

The bundle includes an extra group session to make sure you use the full potential of mindful quilting. During the sessions, you learn important mindfulness techniques. Also, you learn how to use the worksheet to reach your goals in life.  Together they set you up for a successful start to mindful quilting.

I organize 4 sessions in total, and each session has space for 25 people to make sure everyone gets what needed out of the session. So get the bundle now and reserve your seat. Otherwise, you might have to wait until February until there are enough people for the next session. 

Ready to unlock the potential of Mindful quilting?

Bundle only available in December

laptop-sleeve-and-coaster-projects basic quilt techniques

'#mindfulquilting2022' bundle Gift card

1. Beginner Quilt Class

On demand videos which fit in any busy schedule

2. Sustainable Quilting

Learn how to repurpose the fabrics and clothes you have 

3. Kick off session, January

This session discusses the worksheets and helps you to be ready for #mindfulquilting2022

4. Supportive save community

Get inspiration and accountability in the Kick Ass Quilts community

Mindful quilting

How does giving away the class work?

Once you've purchased the class, you get a gift card. The gift card has a code the receiver can use to get the bundle. The gift card doesn't expire, however the bonus kick off sessions can only be booked for January.

What is the price in dollar?

It's around 33 dollar. However, the price is automatically calculated according to the current exchange rates

What is the price in pounds?

It's around 25 pound. However, the price is automatically calculated according to the current exchange rates

Do I need a sewing machine

No! The lessons teach you to quilt by hand and machine

What is the money back guarantee?

You get your money back within 14 days of purchase, no questions asked. However, I hope you'll email me to solve your issues before that.

How do I book my Kick Off Session?

Once you've purchased the bundle you get an email with all necessary information. The email also has a link to book your session.

What if I am not free during the Kick Off Session?

I have 4 different times available to accommodate all different work schedules and timezones. If none of the dates suit, email me so I can find a solution for you.

I have a question

Email me at: and I'll get back to you in 1-2 business days

Last chance to jump into the new year with Mindful Quilting

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