Why Kick Ass Quilts means so much to me: the origin and name
29 september 2021 
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Why Kick Ass Quilts means so much to me: the origin and name

Today, I am sharing the origin of Kick Ass Quilts and why it has the name it has.

It started in the winter of 2020/21 when a friend told me to go to a specific business/lifestyle coach. I had a lot of big ideas and opportunities to have impact in the world. However, I lacked focus and was suffering from some traumas and a very low self-image. This resulted in me taking on a million different things to prove my value, which led to overwhelm and accomplishing not much.

I’ve been a quilter for 10 years, and was ready to carve out my space in the quilting world.

With the coach, I managed to focus on one business pursuit that suited me: Quilting.

I was going to be a quilt teacher. I’ve been a quilter for 10 years, and was ready to carve out my space in the quilting world. With as main goal, to link quilting with creating a better future for everyone, and to make quilting relevant again for a broader audience.

Quilter Rianne sitting croslegged with a colourful crazy quilt as backdrop and a quilted laptop sleeve on her lap

From the start, doing good was part of the business concept. Either Kick Ass Quilts as a way to raise money for a non-profit, or by directly doing good through quilts.

The focus of this ‘good’ is sustainability and connection.

I’ve worked with an environmental non-profit organization for a while now, and it is important for me to dedicate time and attention to charity. It’s my way of directing frustration about the state of the world to something purposeful to create a change, no matter how little it might be.

The focus of this ‘good’ is sustainability and connection. Both values are the first step to create a world where everyone can have a dignified future, also the poorest of people.

That is also why the platform is online and English: it allows people from all over the world to join and connect to share their stories, especially the people who don’t have a voice yet. Instead of talking about them, they will have a seat at the table.

6 figures in silhouette staring at a sunset

The core values and aims led to the name ‘ Kick Ass Quilts’ quickly.

The name ‘Kick Ass Quilts’ is powerful and energizing. It suggests an imminent revolution, that is not only steadfast but also joyful, accepting and inclusive.

Kick Ass Quilts sounds like a community that, day by day, carves out a place for itself in the world, true to its values. Saying the name gives me as founder power and motivation to keep going, because it is easy for people to doubt hope.

This quote sums up the feeling pretty well.

Quote by Raymong Williams: ' To be truly radical is to make hope possible rather than despair convincing.'

Lastly, the name is young and new. Quilting has the unfortunate image of being dusty and for boring old ladies. At least, that’s the image of quilting for the non-initiated (which is false, because all my quilting friends are fun, the young AND the old ones.

Saying the name gives me as founder power and motivation to keep going

My aim is to show everyone quilting has always been relevant, and will play an important role in a sustainable future, and the name Kick Ass Quilts reflects that. 

And to make absolutely clear what the core intention of sustainable quilting is, Kick Ass Quilts has the following slogan”

‘ Societies trash will be our treasure’

So say the name with me, and say it loud to feel its energy. 

‘ Kick Ass Quilts: Societies trash will be our treasure’ 

6 people in silhouette jumping on a mountain sunset

How is all the above translated to the business side of Kick Ass Quilts? By creating the first global online college for sustainable quilting, with the following specifications:

  • Low-cost of Quilt College, so everyone can access the lessons
    • Offering full sustainable quilting beginner courses to grow more quilters (temporary €10,-)
    • A membership with monthly new lessons to become a confident and creative quilter. (temporary lifetime cost of €40,- / year)
  • Quilt College teaches techniques from all over the globe in April, May, and June with experts
  • Interviews with quilters from all over the world. Tips? Email or DM me 
  • Articles on sustainability and Quilting in the Quilt Library.
  • Activism and awareness raising on sustainable quilting
  • Giving back and doing good: Part of the profit goes to charity, and we make quilts for the needy

Also, I am always open to connect with people to talk about quilting, sustainability, and ways to make Kick Ass Quilts more accessible and inclusive. Email me, fill in the contact form, or contact me on Instagram or Facebook.

What do you think, can quilting change the world?

Let me end this blog by one more time asking you to shout with me, and shout it loud:

“Kick Ass Quilts: Societies trash will be our treasure”

Rianne Kick Ass Quilts in front of gravity wall of a submarine cat with a kick ass quilts bag with slogan 'societies trash will be our treasure'

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