How to learn sustainable quilting, budget-friendly at Quilt College

Quilt College Introduction

Prepare yourself to become a sustainable quilter

Doors open: 26th September

Quilt college is for everyone who has always dreamed to become a quilter.

 However, you haven't picked up needle and thread yet because of these reasons:

  1. Quilting is too expensive
  2. Quilting is too difficult
  3. Where will I even get all the materials and tools I need?
  4. I don't have time to quilt
  5. What will I even do with a hundred blankets? 

 In quilt college, you will learn that quilting is easy, relaxing, cheap, and very sustainable if you do it the right way. And I am going to teach you the right way to quilt.

But first, I have organized an introduction period, so you know everything you need  to know about quilting to start.

The e-book 'quilting out of Your Home' was the first preparation lesson, teaching you which tools and materials you need and how to upcycle the materials you already have in your home. In the coming two weeks, more lessons will follow.

For now, let me welcome everyone in the introduction period of Kick Ass Quilts College. 

Have fun, make friends, and ask me questions any time you want.

Angie Hale kick ass quilts college review

I have finished my very first quilt, and I am very pleased with it. I plan to gift it to my daughter, and I already have in mind some fabrics to make another one for myself.

Angie Hale

Quilt made with men shirts and ties in brown, red, blue and white colours finishing with tying technique

Introduction part 1: What are the basic elements of a quilt? 

Before you start quilting its good you have some basic knowledge of the different elements of the quilt. 

I've written an in-depth article for you explaining it all. Grab a drink, and learn something new today. 

Complete with pictures and quilt examples.

Introduction part 2: Quilt project ideas

Quilting is so much more than making blankets. 

There is unlimited potential to 'quiltify' every part of your life. In that way, beauty comes to the everyday by using quilts in every part of your life.

Check the video for some amazing project ideas! 

Time until the doors of Quilt College open

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