Reach your 2022 goal with creative mindfulness

Do you also have too many bags to handle, but too few arms? 

The past few years have been chaotic for everyone. Stress and burn-outs are on the rise, and we lived in a time with a lot of restrictions. However, this doesn't have to stop your personal development.

With creative mindfulness, you create a space in your own life to reflect on your own goals and wellbeing. Working creatively with your hands also gives you the confidence to reach your goals!

The #mindfulquilting2022 workbook guides you to discover the magic of creative mindfulness for yourself.  The guide will help you define your One Goal and get the most out of your daily creative practise.

The guide is aimed at quilting, because it is a powerful tool combining mindfulness with sustainability. Get the guide when you subscribe for the newsletter. Give creative mindfulness through quilting a chance! 

  • Define your one goal
  • Keep track of your daily practise
  • Keep track of your creative progress
  • Guidance questions for your 30 daily minutes
  • Time for yourself to reflect 
  • Reach your One Goal in 2022!
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Quilt bags on the floor with Rianne

Quilting as anchor in a chaotic world

Quilting has always been my happy place. Especially quilting with discarded textiles.  It makes me feel like I can do anything when I turn scraps of fabrics into magnificent quilts people will treasure.

Quilting is more, though: It has been the tool to get back to myself from my depression and chaotic lifestyle. It helped me to carve out a place in the world I felt welcome and able to be myself. 


With the #mindfulquilting2022 challenge, I want to help you to do the same. The guidance workbook is the place to start. 

Rianne, teacher & Founder KIck Ass Quilts with 2 quilted bags

Unleash the magic of Creative Mindfulness with the #mindfulquilting2022 workbook 

Hands handpiecing a quilt block

Set your One Goal and keep track of it with the 4 check-in questions

hand quilting kitenga fabric
Get the most out of the 30 minutes with the 6 guiding questions

Record progress on your daily practise and quilt

Make 2022 the year where you only carry the bags you want. 

Join the #mindfullquilting2022 challenge. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive the guidance workbook to help define your One Goal and to set intention for a daily creative mindfulness practise

Together we'll make 2022 the year we get back to ourselves. A year of confidence because we have worked on the goal that is most important. And a year full of joy because we have made some beautiful quilts people will treasure. 

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Rianne puts her quilted bag down