Rianne hand quilting dear jane quilt with foundation piecing and yellow and blue fabric

Are you eager to turn your clothes into a lasting memory?

Use your creativity during the sew-a-long and turn clothes into a mini memory quilt

This is a pay-what-you-want email course to try out Sustainable Quilting

Lasting memory

Give a new meaning to used clothes

Calming hobby

Relax for 30 minutes a day

Use materials you already have

People are what they wear. Therefore, many memories are attached to the clothes worn by certain people or during special occasions. But what to do with those clothes when they can't be worn anymore? You can't bear to throw them out, but now they move around your house, which isn't a good option either...

My suggestion to you is to use your creativity and turn the clothes into a lasting memory. It will be a memory you can use in your daily life as a reminder of the good times. My suggestion is you make a mini-quilt with your beloved clothes! You can use the mini-quilt as a coaster or carry it in your pocket to give you strength during that important meeting.

Lasting memories with a mini quilt

In 10 videos, you will learn how to make a quilt, Every step requires you around 30 minutes of your day, and you only need basic sewing materials. 

Join the quilt a long and gift yourself 30 minutes a day for creativity, joy, and to share some quilting stories, while you make a lasting memory! Subscribe with the button.

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Make a lasting memory with me

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What are other joys of quilting? 

Kick ass quils # round icon Quilt College orange

Sustainable quilt techniques to not harm the planet

Kick ass quils # round icon Quilt Holiday green

Give a new life to treasured garments

Kick ass quils # round icon Quilt Library purple

Quilting helps to calm your mind

Kick ass quilts college icon orange

Get inspiration and tips in the community

Kick ass quilts college icon green
The lessons are available whenever you want

Kick ass quilts college icon purple

The lessons are for hand and machine quilting

Quilting seemed like a large and difficult task. This course helped break it down into manageable parts.  It definitely helped me build the knowledge and confidence.

Rita Bailey mini-quilt coaster  made in a nine patch pattern with a combination of red solid fabrics and fabric with autumn leaves
Rita Bailey

I have finished my very first quilt, and I am very pleased with it. I plan to gift it to my daughter, and I already have in mind some fabrics to make another one for myself.
angie-hale-with her quilted coaster made with the nine patch pattern in red and pink fabrics
Angie Hale

I like Quilt College cause I didn't need to buy any specialist equipment and emphasis was on enjoying making something, rather than making something perfect

quilted potholder-nikki-shaw made with lessons kick ass quilts college in pink and grey. Quilted with circular lines
Nikki Shaw

What makes the beginner quilt course of Kick Ass Quilts special? 

Kick Ass Quilts donation quilt workshop

Quilting accessible for everyone

Knowledge of Quilting accessible for everyone

A sustainable world is only possible, when everyone is a part of it.  That is why Kick Ass Quilts works with a 'pay what you can' model, where you decide what you can afford to pay.   

I believe Quilting will benefit everyone, and therefore, everyone should be able to learn. By sharing my passion for quilting with as many people as possible, I believe I will earn enough to keep going. 

Memory quilt and biscornu pincushion together upcycled men's shirts

Everything you need to know to start quilting with one mini memory quilt

In 10 in depth videos, you'll learn basic quilt techniques. When your mini memory quilt is finished, you'll be ready to make bigger and complicated quilts with those techniques. Also, there is a bonus biscornu pincushion video.

Use the confidence you gained by finished your mini quilt to dive into your next quilting project to make even more lasting memories, sustainably. 'Societies Trash will be our Treasure'.

Upcycle kitenge farbic scraps from the tailor drying in the sun

Memory Quilt: Upcycle your old clothes

Make your beloved old clothes last as memory quilt

Clothes carry memories with them. Learn how to turn the clothes you can't wear any more into a new object you can carry with you. A memory quilt is a lasting memory to give you joy and strength throughout your days. 

Learn how to make and design a quilt with your old clothes and discover how joyful and easy quilting is. It's my mission to show you how easy it is to access the magic of quilting.

Rianne of kick-ass quilts relaxing on a crazy patchwork picknick quilt made with upcycled fabric

Quilting as tool for peace and joy

Quilting for 30 min every day will bring more peace and joy

The tactile movements with your hands helps your mind to calm down and zone out. Also, the satisfaction of creating something with your hand builds confidence and trust in all areas of your life.

Quilting gives you 30 minutes a day for yourself. It's a time to reflect, calm down, and think of good things.  You can quilt together with your friends. Quilt for a closer  connection with yourself and others.

Benefits of the 'A Taste of Quilting'  Memory Quilt a long?

  • Learn how to make a lasting memory with clothes that mean something to you. 
  • Try out  a sustainable hobby.
  • Gift yourself 30 minutes a day for yourself
  • Make friends in the Kick Ass Quilts community
  • Learn to embrace your unique creativity. 
  • Learn to quilt with my guidance. During the live sessions, you have the opportunity to ask questions
  • Find out the accessibility of quilting! You can quilt anywhere with the Kick Ass Quilts method, no sewing machine needed!
Quilted biscorn pincushion memory quilt with upcycled men's shirts

Join me to make a mini memory quilt in 2 weeks through social media

Join the memory Quilt A long through the newsletter

Eager to join the Quilt A Long? Subscribe to the newsletter, and you'll get the videos directly in your email. Make sure to add me to your list, so the mails won't go to spam (rianne@kickassquilts.org). You'll get guided through the whole process to make a memory quit in 10 in-dept videos.

You'll also receive a gift to help you get started sustainable quilting. The e-book 'Quilting Out of Your Home' shows which tools you really need to quilt (hint, you probably already have them all!). Enjoy your journey to become a quilter. I am honoured to witness it and guide you. And you can always email me with questions.

You're information is save with us and we don't like spam too!
Join the memory quilt project
Sampler Quilt Kick Ass Quilts student Shelah Blauvelt
Quilting has long been on my 'to learn' craft list, but it seemed too complicated so I never knew where to start. The lessons in the quilt college were broken down into simple and easy steps, each clearly explained with text and video. I knew just what to do and how to do it (and if I didn't the community was right there to answer any questions!).

Aside from making quilting accessible to all level of learners, I was mainly attracted to this company because of her mission for sustainability.  Showing how to you can approach this craft with an ecological mindset was really refreshing and spoke to my own crafting personality.

On top of that weaving history and mindfulness into the content- just wow!

Really the kind of crafting needed today. I am almost finished with my very first quilt and I continue to be impressed with how easy, peaceful and enjoyable the process was made through these lessons. And getting  to incorporate scraps of fabric that have special meaning or would otherwise go unused will mean this quilt is bound to be treasured for a long time.
Shelah Blauvelt

Questions about making a memory quilt and the quilt a long? 


Do I need any prior quilting or sewing experience?

No! The quilt a long is for everyone who wants to try quilting. I'll take you through every step in 30 minutes a day. You don't even need a sewing machine.

Is this college interesting for experienced quilters?

Yes, if you'd like to make some sustainable quilt friends or learn to work with old clothes. The techniques we discuss in the 'A Taste of Quilting' along are basic. However, there are also upcycle classes for experienced quilters. Subscribe to the newsletter to find out when those launch.

Are the lessons for machine or hand quilting?

Both! All our lessons show how to make the quilts both with and without sewing machine. In this way, everyone can participate

Which tools do I need?

Only basic sewing tools such as a needle, thread, scissor, graph paper and a ruler.

How much does the membership cost?

Money shouldn't be a barrier to enter a tool that can give comfort and courage. That's why we operate with a 'pay what you want' principle.

However, there is a minimum amount of €5,- because otherwise the transaction costs will be too much compared to the payment.

Also, €80,- is a suggestion, you can pick a higher or lower amount with the buttons below or by selecting 'custom amount'.

Lastly, you can select 'yearly contribution' if you want to give a continuous contribution.

Please reach me at rianne@kickassquilts.org for questions, concerns, or to apply for a full scholarship.

Pay what feels right for you, and if you want, you can always go back to shop.kickassquilts.org to make another contribution.

'Societies trash will be our treasure'