Full Quilt course: Quilt techniques A-Z to create a Kick Ass Quilt
Picknick scrap quilt made by rianne of kick ass quilts

Are you ready to turn your old clothes into a pretty quilt?

Learn the basics of upcycling quilting with the beginner class for €30,-

Upcycle clothes

Become a sustainable quilter

2 project ideas

Quilt a coaster and a laptop sleeve 


Use the materials you already have

Rianne of kick-ass quilts looking at her first quilt made with donated scrap fabrics and old clothes

My name is Rianne and I am a sustainable quilter

For 10 years, I've been making quilts with old clothes and second-hand fabrics. It started like that because of budgetary reasons, and I kept doing it because it's better for the climate and more fun. I learned that you don't need to buy anything to make treasured objects.  

The quilt I am holding in the photo is made from scraps from a lot of different people. This is one way quilting creates connection. Another way quilting connects people is by learning together and sharing techniques. That is my vision for quilt college: A place where everyone can learn to quilt. 

That is why the slogan of Kick Ass Quilts is 'Societies trash will be our treasure'.    

Why is the beginner course of Kick Ass Quilts different from others?

Kick ass quils # round icon Quilt College orange

Quilt without harm

Sustainable quilt techniques to not harm the planet

Kick ass quils # round icon Quilt Holiday green

Repurpose old clothes

Give a new life to treasured garments

Kick ass quils # round icon Quilt Library purple

Relaxing hobby

Quilting helps to calm your mind

Kick ass quilts college icon orange


Get inspiration and tips in the community

Kick ass quilts college icon green

Learn at your own pace

The lessons are available whenever you want

Kick ass quilts college icon purple

Quilt however you want

The lessons are for hand and machine quilting

Rianne holds her kenyan quilt made with scrap fabrics and kitenge with quilt patterns designed by Rianne

Why sustainable quilting and Kick Ass Quilts? 

Quilting has an important role in a sustainable future 

Quilting has the power to transform waste into value as beautiful objects of everyday use. Kick Ass Quilts her mission is to contribute to a sustainable world by making quilting accessible for everyone. 

Using old clothes and scraps prevents good materials from going to landfills and makes quilting budget-friendly. Our lessons are affordable, and we strive to make them inclusive in the topics we cover. Contact me with any concerns or ideas

Testimonials from Quilt College students

I have just made my first quilt thanks to Rianne. Easy to follow instructions and well presented with videos. Who knew fabric scraps could be so useful and no waste. I have a new hobby, that’s for sure.

edna-quilt-front mini coaster made from grandchildren dresses with lessons kick ass quilt college in purple and white with bug fabric
Edna Peart

I have finished my very first quilt, and I am very pleased with it. I plan to gift it to my daughter, and I already have in mind some fabrics to make another one for myself.
angie-hale-with her quilted coaster made with the nine patch pattern in red and pink fabrics
Angie Hale

I like Quilt College cause I didn't need to buy any specialist equipment and emphasis was on enjoying making something, rather than making something perfect

quilted potholder-nikki-shaw made with lessons kick ass quilts college in pink and grey. Quilted with circular lines
Nikki Shaw

What makes the beginner quilt course of Kick Ass Quilts special? 

Black children and a women around an old-fashioned sewing machine

Quilt for charity and connect

Kick Ass Quilts gives back to the community.

A sustainable world is only possible, when everyone is a part of it. That is why part of our profit goes to an orphanage in Eldoret, Kenya. 

  • Every course bought,  €1,- goes to a good cause
  • Through Quilt College, we create and donate quilts
  • Visit projects and hand out the quilts during the holiday

By donating we make sure everyone can experience the joy and comfort of a quilt. 

Finished coaster nine patch quilt with border made with several different purple fabrics

Learn the basics of quilting with a small project

Study all techniques to create a quilt in one course.

The quilting techniques are taught with a mini-quilt project, so you have the satisfaction of a finished project once you've gone through the lessons. After that, you can apply the teachings to create a bigger quilt. 

Also, try something else with the bonus project module. Learn how to apply the quilting techniques to create a laptop or tablet sleeve. The ideal gift for yourself or your friends. 

Quilt materials, scrap fabric, note paper and old fleeceblanks for batting

No need to buy anything to quilt

This course teaches low-investment, budget-friendly quilting 

Learn how to make a quilt and pick a colour scheme with fabrics you already own. For example, old clothes and leftovers from sewing projects.

Also, learn how to quilt with basic tools. Even a sewing machine is not a must! The lessons are suitable for hand and machine sewing.

Rianne of kick-ass quilts relaxing on a crazy patchwork picknick quilt made with upcycled fabric

Quilting as tool for peace and joy

Quilting for 30 min every day will bring more peace in your life

The tactile movements with your hands helps your mind to calm down and zone out. Also, the satisfaction of creating something with your hand builds confidence and trust in all areas of your life.

Benefit from the mindfulness aspect of quilting, even as an absolute beginner. Quilting is all about the joy of creating

This course guides you to enjoy the process

Ready to start your first sustainable quilt project?

Key benefits of the Kick Ass Quilts beginner course

  • Learn how to create beautiful quilts without harming the planet.
  • Give treasured old garments a second life.
  • 7 modules, with 23 video lessons, to make your quilt step by step at your own pace.
  • A bonus module to create a quilted laptop or tablet sleeve.
  • A community for tips and inspiration.
  • €1,- of every course sold goes to orphanages in Kenya.
  • Save money on materials by learning to use what you have (quilting materials for these projects cost around €50,-).

Start your first quilt and find relaxation in your new hobby, while turning those old clothes you have in your house into beauty.

laptop-sleeve-and-coaster-projects basic quilt techniques

Full Quilt Course: Quilt Techniques from A-Z to Create a Kick Ass Quilt 

Kick ass quilts college icon orange

Learn how to use materials you own

Save money by using what you have

Kick ass quilts college icon purple

Lessons for hand & machine quilting

Choice the quilt method you prefer

Kick ass quilts college icon green

Project 1: Mini-Quilt & Coaster

A mini-project to gain quilting  confidence quick 

quilt college icon Kick Ass Quilts dark blue

Project 2: Laptop & tablet sleeve

Perfect gift for yourself or your friends

Get the full course for €30,- 
Rita Bailey mini-quilt coaster  made in a nine patch pattern with a combination of red solid fabrics and fabric with autumn leaves
Creating a quilt had seemed like a large and difficult task, but following this course helped me to breaking down into manageable parts. After completing each lesson I feel like I can tackle a larger quilt project on my own. It definitely helped me build the knowledge and confidence I needed to complete this task.
Rita Bailey


College FAQ

Will the membership be automatically renewed?

No, you can decide every year whether you want to stay around in Quilt College. Although I hope you will stay of course

Do I need to be present at certain times to follow the lessons?

No! All the lessons are online and ready for you to go. The only event with a set date and time is the Q&A, but that is an extra feature not required to follow the lessons. You can always put your question in the community or see the recordings of the Q&A in the lessons section.

Can I pay a subscription through paypal?

Yes, select PayPal in the dropdown

Do I need any prior quilting or sewing experience?

No! This college is for absolute beginners, as well as for people who want to know more about sustainable or mindfull quilten.

What if I don't like quilting lessons?

We have a 14-day money back guarantee for the courses, and a 90-days guarantee for the subscription. No questions asked.

Although of course I hope you contact me before this time, so I can resolve any issues you might have

What if I finish all the lessons? Will I have nothing else to do?

Of course not! There will be new lessons every month. Also, take some time to explore the community and the additional resources shared there. Or interact with your fellow quilters in the community.

Is this college interesting for experienced quilters?

Yes! We not only focus on teaching a novel way of quilting that is less-burdensome of the environment. We also focus on creating a community of likeminded people based on the tradition of connection and togetherness in quilting. The challenges and projects would be most interesting for you as an experiences quilter

Are the lessons for machine or hand quilting?

Both! All our lessons show how to make the quilts both with and without sewing machine. In this way, everyone can participate

How long will the lessons take me?

This depends on the time you have available. However, the first lesson is made in such a way you can finish it within a month if you spend 30 minutes per day on it, and quicker if you work on a sewing machine.

There are 6 modules in total with 18 lessons and a bonus project. Together, the lessons give a comprehensive overview of basic quilting techniques. So you can apply that knowledge and create more quilts with it, once you've mastered the basic Quilting From A-Z lesson.

What is the price of the course in American dollar?

It is around $35. The exact price will be converted through the checkout based on current exchange rate by the payment provider. I cannot influence that

What is the price of the course in British Pounds?

The price is around £26-. The exact price will be calculated during checkout, and is based on current exchange rate. That is done by the payment provider and is something I cannot influence.

Which tools do I need?

Only basic sewing tools such as a needle, thread, scissor, graph paper and a ruler.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed

14 days money back guarantee, no questions asked

You got to the bottom of the page, congratulations! You might as well buy the course for €30,- only now...

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