Learn how to quilt sustainably and mindful at the online quilt college

Why you should become a part of the Kick Ass Quilts College

Global Community

Find like-minded people in the quilt college from all over the world. 

Find inspiration for your quilts in the diversity of this earth.

Accessible Lessons

The lessons are budget-friendly full of tips how to upcycle materials or to source materials in a cheap and sustainable way. 

Rianne of kick-ass quilts looking at her first quilt made with donated scrap fabrics and old clothes

Unleash creativity

The Kick-Ass Quilts college will teach you to create in your own unique style and to make something uniquely yours.

What's on offer in the Kick Ass Quilts college?

  • Learn to quilt with a small project
  • No expensive materials needed, I'll teach you how to quilt cheaply and sustainably
  • Discounts on any other products offered by Kick-Ass Quilts and early access, including the quilt holiday!
  • A subscription gives you access to ALL lessons in the quilt college
  • Get feedback on your work from peers in the community
  • Monthly live feedback and question sessions with Rianne the teacher
  • Learn both how to quilt by hand and by machine
  • Text and video lessons
  • Learn on the go with our Huddle kick ass quilt college app!
  • Get inspired by diversity with our global community,
  • Learn how to use quilting as mindfulness practise.
  • Learn how to re-use and upcycle old clothes and fabrics to reduce solid waste and to become a sustainable quilter

How did Kick-Ass Quilts see the light of day

Kick ass quilts is born out of my love for quilting. 

During my journey to become a quilter, I noticed a lack of resources for people who have a limited budget.  I started quilting as a student, so you can imagine how much I had to spend. Still, I found ways to  make wonderful quilts  for me, my friends and my family. So from the start I realized that all the expensive materials were not necessary.

The quilt you see below is the first quilt I made. It's made from all kinds of different scraps of fabric.

During my studies, I also got in touch with sustainability and the impact of the fabric industry on the environment. Did you know that the fabric industry is one of the most polluting industries!? And this includes quilting, where buying fabric is often more popular than making stuff from the materials we already own.

This knowledge solidified my belief that quilting has to become more sustainable.

So born out of thrifty necessity, which grew into a solid conviction to do what's best for the environment, I created my own style of quilting:

To combine the fun of working with colourful fabrics with a thrifty mindset of make-do to create unique masterpieces.

Rianne teacher of kick ass quilts showing of her first quilt made from scrap fabric

My quilts are made with whatever materials I can find, be it old clothes, curtains, socks or second-hand fabric and more. Over the years I've developed techniques to turn any collection of fabrics into beautiful quilts. 

Now, 10 years from the start of my quilting journey it is time to share this knowledge with you. 

Rianne of Kick-Ass Quilts reading a book about silk quilts under a patchwork blanket

What is Kick-Ass Quilting?

Kick ass quilts is a new way of quilting: sustainable and mindful. Quilting as a way to create lasting, stunning objects for everyday use with your own hands. 

With mindful quilting, the focus is on giving attention to each project and to the movements of the quilting itself. There is no need to hurry or to stress to produce as many quilts as you can. The journey to create a quilt is as important as the end product. 

Key values of kick ass quilts


Quilting has since old been a way for people to connect and share their life stories. 

We go back to that tradition in a modern way by creating a global community where people share inspiration.

Broaden your mind through fabric art.

Rianne of kick-ass quilts relaxing on a crazy patchwork picknick quilt made with upcycled fabric


In this fast-paced world of endless opportunities and options, we all need an occasional refuge to a quieter place. 

Taking 30 minutes a day to quilt, will do that.

There is no place for stress when you are  creating something beautiful

Quilt in the sun made with white fabric and an ethnic pattern


Quilting has the potential to upcycle old fabrics into something new and beautiful.

This dips into the traditional quilting philosophy of re-using and creativity.

Turn your old clothes into beautiful objects for everyday use.

Kick-ass quilts teacher rianne on a picknick quilt made with a crazy patchwork quilt pattern and donated scrap fabrics and old clothes


There is a powerful, yet distinctively quiet joy and satisfaction in creating something with your own two hands. 

Quilting is perfect because with easy techniques and available materials you can discover the joy of making something for yourself too.

The first lesson on offer is to learn how to make a quilt from A-Z. This is with the help of a small project you can finish within 2 weeks. The project is a mini quilt coaster.


Once you have learned the basic quilting techniques, you transition to the lessons for intermediate, and later, expert quilters. Because the quilt college is growing every day, we will grow together on this journey towards creativity and sustainability.

The subscription gives you access to all current and future lessons in the community. You can decide when and what you want to learn, and which road to take to become a kick ass quilter. 

In the quilt college, you can also meet and interact with like-minded people. Share your quilts, ask questions and find inspiration within our global community. 

Join me today on this journey to become a kick ass quilter. 

Enrol in the quilt academy and  start quilting

Quilt college is opening its doors 12th of September 2021

  • Do you want to be the first to get updates on the pre-launch? 
  • Do you want to enrol with the introductory early birds discount? 
  • Do you want to get preparation classes to start quilting well-prepared?

During the pre-launch, I will give you 4 introductory lessons, so you are well-prepared to start quilting once the quilt college doors open! 

The lessons will teach you project ideas, tips how to get your tools and materials sustainably, how to use quilting for mindfulness and the basic elements of a quilt

Subscribe to our newsletter, and don't miss a single lesson. The first part of the introduction will be sent to you within minutes! It's the e-book 'Quilting out of Your Home' where I show you how to get tools and materials to quilt cheaply and sustainably


Enroll in the Kick-Ass Quilts College


Kick-Ass Quilts College

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One-month access to ALL the content of the Kick-Ass Quilts College

Kick-Ass Quilts College

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One-year access to ALL the content in the Kick-Ass Quilts College

College FAQ

Do I need to be present at certain times to follow the lessons?

No! All the lessons are online and ready for you to go. The only event with a set date and time is the Q&A, but that is an extra feature not required to follow the lessons. You can always put your question in the community or see the recordings of the Q&A in the lessons section.

Can I pay a subscription through paypal?

Yes, contact me at rianne@kickassquilts.org, so I can set it up for you

Do I need any prior quilting or sewing experience?

No! This college is for absolute beginners, as well as for people who want to know more about sustainable or mindfull quilten.

What if I don't like quilting lessons?

We have a 14-day money back guarantee for the courses, and a 90-days guarantee for the subscription. No questions asked.

Although of course I hope you contact me before this time, so I can resolve any issues you might have

What if I finish all the lessons? Will I have nothing else to do?

Of course not! There will be new lessons every month. Also, take some time to explore the community and the additional resources shared there. Or interact with your fellow quilters in the community.

Is this college interesting for experienced quilters?

Yes! We not only focus on teaching a novel way of quilting that is less-burdensome of the environment. We also focus on creating a community of likeminded people based on the tradition of connection and togetherness in quilting. The challenges and projects would be most interesting for you as an experiences quilter

Are the lessons for machine or hand quilting?

Both! All our lessons show how to make the quilts both with and without sewing machine. In this way, everyone can participate

How long will the lessons take me?

This depends on the time you have available. However, the first lesson is made in such a way you can finish it within a month if you spend 30 minutes per day on it, and quicker if you work on a sewing machine.

There are 6 modules in total with 18 lessons and a bonus project. Together, the lessons give a comprehensive overview of basic quilting techniques. So you can apply that knowledge and create more quilts with it, once you've mastered the basic Quilting From A-Z lesson.

What is the price of the course in American dollar?

It is around $11. The exact price will be converted through the checkout based on current exchange rate by the payment provider. I cannot influence that

What is the price of the course in British Pounds?

The price is around £8,-. The exact price will be calculated during checkout, and is based on current exchange rate. That is done by the payment provider and is something I cannot influence.


100% satisfaction guaranteed!

If you are not happy with the lessons you will get your money back within 14 days. No questions asked. 
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