How to quilt sustainable classes

Do you want a meaningful and sustainable life that works for you?

The Magic of Sustainable Quilting gives you tools to create a comfortable life based on creativity, connection, sustainability, and joy from your own inner-strength

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Personal Freedom

Quilting as tool for comfort and courage in your life.

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Sustainable Quilting 

Turn textile 'trash' into textile treasures that'll last a lifetime
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Community Building

Find people to connect with in a way that works for you

Sustainable Quilt community Kick Ass Quilts

Sustainable Quilting teaches you how to create meaning

In a world that moves very quick and doesn't always allow to focus on what's important, it's healing to have a practise that allows you to pay attention to what's important to you. It's a way to ground yourself and to feel a sense of belonging and purpose.

Sustainable Quilting teaches you how to create meaning and stories by turning textile trash into treasured objects you can use during your day-to-day life. Quilting helps me to relax and to focus on what's important while creating beauty. I am here to teach you to do the same. 

Donation Quilt workshop

Find 30 minutes a day for yourself to create beauty

Quilt College has on-demand video lessons for you to learn Sustainable Quilting at your own pace. Every new technique in the quilting process is explained with a short video accompanied by text and videos. Also, you can ask questions in the community and share your progress.

Also, the quilt classes encourage you to explore your own creativity and to find your quilting style. The purpose is for you to feel freedom is creative expression while turning trash into treasure! Therefore, the classes are 100% beginner-friendly.

I didn't need to buy any specialist equipment and emphasis was on enjoying making something, rather than making something perfect

quilted potholder-nikki-shaw made with lessons kick ass quilts college in pink and grey. Quilted with circular lines
Nikki Shaw

The written instructions were very clear to follow. The videos added that extra visual help that gave me confidence to finish the project.

Rita Bailey mini-quilt coaster  made in a nine patch pattern with a combination of red solid fabrics and fabric with autumn leaves
Rita Bailey

I have finished my very first quilt, and I am very pleased with it. I plan to gift it to my daughter, and I already have in mind some fabrics to make another one for myself.
angie-hale-with her quilted coaster made with the nine patch pattern in red and pink fabrics
Angie Hale

Turn societies trash into treasure with sustainable quilting.

Nothing and no-one is worthless

Quilts are an anchor of peace, quiet and beauty in a chaotic world 

Sustainable Quilting community with quilted party flags

Pay what you want to access Sustainable Quilting

Money shouldn't be a barrier to learn Sustainable Quilting

The mission of Kick Ass Quilts is to create a world where everyone feels welcome and has a place they feel valued. Also, Kick Ass Quilts is a global platform with a focus to create a diverse community where everyone will learn from each other.  A sustainable world is created by including everyone! 

Therefore, access to the community is 'Pay what you want'.  Money shouldn't be a barrier for anyone to enter. Our belief is that everyone contributes what they want, be it money, time or by telling all your friends! However, we do need money to run the platform, so funds, especially monthly contributions, are very much appreciated.

laptop-sleeve-and-coaster-projects basic quilt techniques
Pay what you want

Membership Sustainable Quilt Community

  • Learn tools to ground yourself in a busy world
  • Community for inspiration, friendship and sharing ideas.
  • Make quilting friends and come together to quilt!
  • Become part of the Sustainable Quilt movement
  • Regular new projects and tips to quilt sustainably

Sustainable Quilt college's intention is to give you a place to find peace and security in a busy world. Also, the classes help you to create a world that works for you at your own pace!

Join Sustainable Quilt College

You decide how long you stay, no automatic renewals
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#Mini introduction class to learn all basics in one week

#Tell your own story by making a mini memory quilt
Sustainable Quilting sampler quilt SSPI
#Take your quilting to the next level and make your first big quilt!

#This class teaches the basics for all available other quilting projects

Donation Quilt for courage and comfort for disenfranchised youth
#Charity quilt project for disenfranchised youth

#learn how to bring people together and create donation quilts

Questions? Check our FAQ 

Do I need any prior quilting or sewing experience?

No! The quilt a long is for everyone who wants to try quilting. I'll take you through every step in 30 minutes a day. You don't even need a sewing machine.

Is this college interesting for experienced quilters?

Yes, if you'd like to make some sustainable quilt friends or learn to work with old clothes. The techniques we discuss in the 'A Taste of Quilting' along are basic. However, there are also upcycle classes for experienced quilters. Subscribe to the newsletter to find out when those launch.

Are the lessons for machine or hand quilting?

Both! All our lessons show how to make the quilts both with and without sewing machine. In this way, everyone can participate

Which tools do I need?

Only basic sewing tools such as a needle, thread, scissor, graph paper and a ruler.

How much does the membership cost?

Money shouldn't be a barrier to enter a tool that can give comfort and courage. That's why we operate with a 'pay what you want' principle.

However, there is a minimum amount of €5,- because otherwise the transaction costs will be too much compared to the payment.

Also, €80,- is a suggestion, you can pick a higher or lower amount with the buttons below or by selecting 'custom amount'.

Lastly, you can select 'yearly contribution' if you want to give a continuous contribution.

Please reach me at for questions, concerns, or to apply for a full scholarship.

Pay what feels right for you, and if you want, you can always go back to to make another contribution.

'Societies trash will be our treasure'

Sampler Quilt Kick Ass Quilts student Shelah Blauvelt
Quilting has long been on my 'to learn' craft list, but it seemed too complicated so I never knew where to start. The lessons in the quilt college were broken down into simple and easy steps, each clearly explained with text and video. I knew just what to do and how to do it (and if I didn't the community was right there to answer any questions!).

Aside from making quilting accessible to all level of learners, I was mainly attracted to this company because of her mission for sustainability.  Showing how to you can approach this craft with an ecological mindset was really refreshing and spoke to my own crafting personality.

On top of that weaving history and mindfulness into the content- just wow!

Really the kind of crafting needed today. I am almost finished with my very first quilt and I continue to be impressed with how easy, peaceful and enjoyable the process was made through these lessons. And getting  to incorporate scraps of fabric that have special meaning or would otherwise go unused will mean this quilt is bound to be treasured for a long time.
Shelah Blauvelt

You made it to the bottom of this page, fantastic. Determination like that is a great basis to start quilting as a tool to ground your life! Why not join the sustainable quilt community?