Kick-Ass Quilts Holiday in Kenya | Naivasha
Rianne from Kick-Ass Quilts pointing to Kenya the distance with a colourful quilt made with Kitenge Kenyan fabrics

Looking for your next dream journey?

Find connection and learn to quilt in small-town Kenya

Rianne from Kick-Ass Quilts pointing to Kenya the distance with a colourful quilt made with Kitenge Kenyan fabrics

Looking for your next dream journey?

Find connection and learn to quilt in small-town Kenya

What makes this quilt holiday amazing?

Yellow, red and green kitenge sewing fabric

Create your souvenir

In a week, you'll learn how to make this beautiful shopping bag. A lasting memory for back home

Black woman sewing on a vintage sewing machine working with a tape measurer

Community Connection

During the holiday we work together with women from all over the world. Also, be guided with the skills of Kenyan craftswoman
A bird flying over lake Naivasha, near the quilting holiday in Kenya

Naivasha Kenya

Discover small-town Kenya. CLose to lake Longonot en Aberdare mountain range. Popular tourist destinations

Why you should go on this holiday in December 2021

  • Discover a hidden part of Kenya 
  • Get to know the community in Naivasha
  • Create something valuable to leave behind
  • Enjoy an 8-day mindfulness retreat. 
  • Get a worksheet and instructions to make the whole journey (including preparations) an oasis of relaxation
  • Get some sun in December!
  • Make your own souvenir with the colourful kitenge fabrics  (Prior experience not needed!)
  • Guidance by local Kenyan woman
  • Connect with like-minded people from all over the world
  • Taste the local foods
Rianne holds her kenyan quilt made with scrap fabrics and kitenge with quilt patterns designed by Rianne

Why a Kick-Ass Quilts holiday in Kenya?

I have lived in Kenya for almost three years to study tourism and to get to know the country. While in Kenya, I fell in love with the landscapes and the bold colours of the fabrics. Also, I made some great friends. 

Kenya is the ideal country to come and quilt. The bold kitenge fabrics will give you endless amounts of inspiration, and the landscapes and wildlife help to relax and to feel you are in a completely new life. 

Rejoice with me and get reborn and revitalized in a magical week (or stay longer if you want...). 

What are we going to make?

During the holiday, we'll make a kitenge-inspired quilted pillow case. The fabrics will be selected by you! on the local market. 

In this way you'll not only learn how to make your own quilt in 8 days, but you'll also go home with a unique souvenir and piece of home-decor.   


Day 1: Arrival Naivasha and Welcome

- A walk through Naivasha

- Visit the local fabric market to buy materials and more :) 

Day 2: First project day

-Introduction lesson on quilting 

-Instructions on how to make the bag

-Start making the bag!

Day 3: Get to know the community

-Introduction community project by local woman 

-Instructions community product (period panties)

-Work on the products to donate

Day 4: Work on the projects

-A day wholly dedicated to the 2 projects. 

-Don't forget to relax

Day 5: Visit the community

-Cook together

-Have a relaxing party!

-Hand over the gists

Day 6: Project day

-Another relaxing day to work on the bag and to connect with your fellow travelers

Day 7: Last day to work on the project.

Goodbye party

-A relaxing morning working on the project

-In the afternoon we invite all the people we've met for a farewell party

Day 8: Return to Nairobi or another holiday destination

-This is the last day of the quilt holiday. Of course, you can extend your stay in Naivasha and Kenya! Contact us for tips 

Souns like a kick ass experience you don't want to miss right!? 

'Pools of Desire' kitenge pillow made with fabric scraps and the quilt log-cabbin technique

Reserve your spot for the Kick-Ass Holiday in December 2021*

Only 8 tickets available! 

Build a Souvenir

Create your own souvenir with Kenyan fabrics
Black children and a women around an old-fashioned sewing machine

Connect with the community

both global and local

DIscover Kenya of the people

Discover hidden parts of Kenya.

* Since Corona makes it a little bit  unpredictable whether the holiday can continue as planned in December, this is a buy-in. You will get regular updates on the holiday and we all hope December will be possible. Of not, we will collectively plan another date in the new year. NO MATTER WHAT, This holliday is going to happen!

By paying €250,- you ensure a spot.  Reserving a spot will give you access to a specific group in the community for pre-holiday excitement. Also, you'll get emails with updates.

Don't miss your opportunity to go on the first Kick-Ass Holiday ever! 

The buy-in is refundable up to 2 months prior to the planned date (Early October 2021). 

Rianne of kick-ass quilts looking at her first quilt made with donated scrap fabrics and old clothes

Who does the teaching

Why I teach quilting? Because it has the capacity to make people feel good and better about themselves with some basic tools and methods. Also, there is not a lot of skill needed to make a basic quilt. Of course, there are a lot of complicated techniques and patterns that require months and years of practice, but a simple quilt I can teach you to make in a month or less. Be it a small one. 

Working together with local tailors

Rianne is aided by local tailors who have experience working with kitenge fabrics and picking the most compelling combinations.

December 2021

Second week of December

€ 1.250

Reserve a ticket for €250,-

8 days

Option to stay longer afterwards



100% satisfaction guaranteed!

This holiday will be amazing, I promise you. If the holiday can't happen at all 100% guaranteed full refund of the buy-in money.

Place for urgent questions


Retraite FAQ

What is included in the price?

Stay for 8 days and breakfast + lunch.

How strict is the planning?

Not strict at all! Feel free to take ample time to explore Kenya for yourself with walks, visits to local shops and meet people or whatever else you want :)

Conctact me if you want to know possibilities.

What if I don't finish the project?

No worries! We will provide you with clear instructions to finish the project at home. Also, the project is planned to be easy to finish for everyone on the journey.

Why do I have to buy my own ticket?

It is logistically speaking too difficult for KAQ at this point to arrange flights from various places globally. Also, by arranging your own ticket you will be able to extend your holiday as long as you want to explore more of Kenya.

What is not included in the price

Flight to and from Kenya, transit to and from Naivasha, dinner, fabrics bought on market and any extra's in terms of food and activities not mentioned on the program.

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