Donating Quilts to make refugees feel welcome - Weekly Inspiration #13
09 februari 2022 
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Donating Quilts to make refugees feel welcome - Weekly Inspiration #13

Today, I share with you a video on why I decided to donate a quilt to refugees:

It's a way to make them feel welcome and to wish them a safe place in the Netherlands.

The quilt I'll be making is collectively made by people who followed a workshop with Kick Ass Quilts during the week of the circular economy. During the workshop, I let them 'get a taste of quilting' while we talk about the value of quilting.

Donating quilts is assignment 2 of the '8 Assignments to Create a Better World for Everyone' which invites you to use quilting for a sustainable future for everyone.

In the video, I also show the technique and pattern I use to teach people to quilt in a short workshop. Quilting is for everyone! It's just a matter of picking the right pattern and techniques. For the donation quilt, we use the n*patch desire quilt, also known as the nine patch quilt block.

I also gave a sneak peek on the coming projects in March of Kick Ass Quilts. 

Here is a short summary. I'll keep you all up to date in the coming weeks. I was just too excited to keep it a secret any longer. I think these 2 plans will help to make quilting accessible to everyone. 

→ I am hosting a live quilt along on social media which is freely accessible for everyone in the last week of March. I'll take you through the full process of making a mini memory quilt.

→ Kick Ass Quilts is going to work on a donation-based system, because I want everyone to be able to access quilting, globally.  And since there is huge economic inequality in the world, it's impossible to set a price that will work for everyone. So participants in my projects can pay whatever they want. 

I believe in Kick Ass Quilts and in quilting and that this is the right step to open up the floor to anyone willing to use quilting for a better world for themselves and others, while growing a successful movement! I decided to go for donation, rather than for free because I'd love to be able to teach full-time in the future.  In this way, the mission statement and sustainability theory of Kick Ass Quilts will be honoured.

Quilting is for everyone! It's just a matter of picking the right pattern and techniques.

Now it's over to you. Your input is what makes this quilting movement grow! So I'd love you to answer me these questions in a reply to make the March plans a success:

  • What do you think of a donation-based system?
  • What's keeping you from quilting?

That's it for me! I am off working on my quilts for the Week of the Circular Economy. Let me know in the comments if you have questions or suggestions for me or email me.

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