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Why you should become a part of the Kick-Ass Quilts College

Bright Community

Find like-minded people in the kick-ass community to share your work, to ask for feedback and to get new ideas!

Easy Lessons

The lessons are created for beginners and experienced quilters. You can pick the modules that interest you. 

Unleash creativity

The Kick-Ass Quilts college will teach you to create in your own unique style and to make something uniquely yours.

What's on offer in the Kick-Ass Quilts college?

  • Learn to quilt in an easy way!
  • No expensive materials needed
  • Weekly new articles and videos
  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Share your work and get feedback
  • Learn a new art form
  • Connect with people from all over the world

How did Kick-Ass Quilts see the light of day

Born out of the love of quilting of founder Rianne Doller. However, she noticed it is challenging to find good teaching materials for people who want to quilt sustainably with limited financial resourches. Because she has been quilting like that since her quiting birth she decided to share her expertise. Become part of the community and academy to learn with us!

Kick-Ass Quilting is the new way to quilt! Accessible for everyone, budget-friendly and aimed to give everyone the tools to make something special / beautiful today. 


Rianne of Kick-Ass Quilts reading a book about silk quilts under a patchwork blanket

What is Kick-Ass Quilting?

Kick-Ass Quilts ushers in a new way of quilting.  Away from high-production and focused on enjoying the art and creativity. 

The lessons are aimed at everyone who wants to quilt in a more mindful and sustainable way, and are completely beginner-friendly.

The first 6 lessons are aimed at the basics, and after that we'll delve together into more and more advanced and creative exploits!

Join me on this journey towards a new dawn of quilting! 

Core-values kick-ass quilting


Quilting has since old been a way for people to connect and share their life stories while quilting. At Kick-Ass Quilts, we go back to that tradition by creating a global community. Learn from people all over the world. 


Quilting has the potential to upcycle old fabrics into something new and beautiful. This dips into the traditional quilting philosophy of re-using and creativity to turn whatever is available into art.
Rianne of kick-ass quilts relaxing on a crazy patchwork picknick quilt made with upcycled fabric


In this fast-paced world of endless opportunities and options, we all need an occasional refuge to a quieter place. Let Kick-Ass Quilts be that place. Here is no place for hurry and demanding deadlines. 

Curriculum Kick-Ass Quilts phase 1: Introduction to Kick-Ass quilting

Basics of quilting: From A to end. 

In this lesson, you will learn from start to finish how to create your first quilt. The end result is a mini-quilt / coaster. Make your first quilt in a minimum of 2 weeks in 5 easy steps. 

Five basic quilt patterns to deviate from

The interesting thing about quilting is that basic knowledge of 5 of patterns will give you insight and freedom to create 100+ creative designs by yourself. In this lesson, I'll step by step show you the structure of five most popular quilt blocks that are beginner-friendly. Also, I'll show you how to make the block by hand and by machine and give some project ideas to get you started. The lesson ends with ideas to use the blocks in a fun and modern way to give new life to history.

The blocks taught are: log-cabbin; n*desire-patch; windmill block; flying geese; roman square; and sawtooth star.

6 techniques

This lesson will show you step-by-step how to use six basic techniques which will enable you to create most quilts. Instructions are given to sew the blocks by hand and by machine. 

How to decide the perfect style for any quilt project.

Many people share the horror / difficulty of wanting to give a unique hand-made gift to someone, but not knowing what the other person would like. And there is nothing sadder than spending hours on a special gift that isn't loved by the recipient, simply because the style doesn't match. 

In this course, I'll give you some guidance and worksheets on how to determine the perfect style and gift for anyone. Even fathers and boyfriends, and we all know they are the hardest people to get gifts for!

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Collge FAQ

What if I don't like quilting lessons?

We have a 14-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. Although ofcourse we hope you contact us before this time so we can make sure you'll enjoy this community too!

Do I need any prior quilting or sewing experience?

No! This college is for absolute beginners, as well as for people who want to know more about sustainable or mindfull quilten.

Is this college interesting for experienced quilters?

Yes! We not only focus on teaching a novel way of quilting that is less-burdensome of the environment. We also focus on creating a community of likeminded-people based on the tradition of connection and togetherness in quilting. Combining mindfullness with art!

What if I finish all the lessons? Will I have nothing else to do?

Of course not! Kick-Ass Quilts will keep adding new lessons. In any create pursuit you are never done learning. Also, there is the community with many challenges to enjoy.


100% satisfaction guaranteed!

If you are not happy with the lessons you will get your money back within 14 days. No questions asked. 
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