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Hand quilting with a green Lada vintage sewing machine.

Learn to quilt with items you already own

There is no need to leave your house or get any expensive stuff to start quilting!

Ebook cover 'Quilting out of your home' by Kick-Ass Quilts

'Quilting out of your home'

A Guide on how to make a quilt with tools and fabrics you already own

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  • Find out what quilting is.
  • Start quilting today without having to leave your home
  • Become creative in a sustainable way
  • Turn your junk into joy
  • No need to buy expensive tools
  • No need to buy expensive fabrics
  • Use what you already have
  • You don't need to leave your house to get started
  • Get rid of old stuff by upcycling it in something beautiful
  • Create a unique item perfect for home-decor or a gift
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Ebook cover 'Quilting out of your home' by Kick-Ass Quilts
Rianne of Kick-Ass Quilts standing in front of a colourful wall smiling

I used to feel very overwhelmed in quilt shops. I didn't know which materials and tools I actually needed to start quilting. I wrote this guide to help everyone who wants to start and is as equally confused as I was.

-Rianne (Founder, Kick-Ass Quilts)

Why quilting out of your own home?

When I started quilting 10 years ago, I immediately knew it was the art form for me. With quilts, I could turn my colourful ideas and dreams into fabric and useful everyday objects like a bag or a blanket! Also, the feeling of fabric in my hands manages to calm me down, even in my most crazy moments. 

However, one thing kept me from quilting to the fullest: The costs of the tools and quilting fabrics needed to create the amazing quilts I saw online. As a student, I couldn't afford that. Also, buying so many things I wasn't sure I really needed didn't fit in my vision of sustainability. 

I had some basic sewing tools gifted by my mother, and I had some old clothes and second-hand fabrics I loved. With that, I created my own first quilt. And I was so happy with it and proud of it! 

So I decided to stick to my quilting method of using whatever tools and fabrics I happened to have. And this is how Kick-Ass Quilts began!

I am now 10 years further in my journey as a quilter, and it's time to share my knowledge and experience with other people.

This e-book is the first step for you to become a quilter as well

No need to leave your house to start quilting!

Quilting has never been this easy. This e-book is the start to learn to quilt using objects you already have.

  • What is a quilt?
  • The only 6 tools you need
  • Where to get fabrics to quilt with

That's it! The basics done.

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Ebook cover 'Quilting out of your home' by Kick-Ass Quilts
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