Rianne teacher of kick ass quilts showing of her first quilt made from scrap fabric

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Quilting is the creative art of turning fabric scraps into useful beautiful objects such as blankets, bags, coasters, coats, and anything else you can imagine. Quilting is relaxing, gives a sense of accomplishment, and is a way to extend the life-time of textiles.  It't a way to have time for yourself, while contributing to a sustainable world!

This e-book will show you which tools and fabrics you really need to start your first quilt.  It is a gift from me to you for subscribing to my newsletter. You’ll find out you don't need to buy anything to quilt. In April, I am hosting a Quilt-A-Long on social media where I take you through all the steps of quilting. The end result is a mini-memory quilt. Keep an eye on my emails to get all the information.
Rianne of Kick Ass Quilts holding Dear Jane Quilt Sampler made from all the colours in solid fabrics looking determined

What you'll learn in the quilt e-book

  •  What is quilting
  • How you can quilt in a sustainable and mindful way
  • How to bring joy to your life through quilting
  • How to upcycle your old clothes 
  • Find out the only 9 tools you really need to quilt (you own almost all of them already)
  • Learn which fabric to use for which part of your quilt.
  • Project ideas for your quilts
  • Become creative on a small budget
  • Find connection with like-minded people through quilts
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I just read her e-book, quilting out of your home, and learned a lot about quilting. It was particularly interesting to see how such a fascinating art has simple foundations and everyday accessible tools. Also liked the design of the e-book: colourful, cheering, and sincere.
reza shaker review quilting out of your home ebook
Reza Shaker

Today I read the free e-book of kick ass quilting. It tells you how you can quilt with thing and materials everybody has in their own homes

The book has beautiful  pictures and a very clear explanation.  I like the way it was presented and the explanation on why quilting can be a way to deal with stress.

Karin Doller reviewer kick ass quilts
Karin Doller
Rianne teacher of kick ass quilts showing of her first quilt made from scrap fabric

Quilting is a way to prevent usable fabrics from going to landfills. The fabric industry has a HUGE negative effect on the environment and the quality of life of many people. Partly this is through the pollution caused by manufacturing fabrics. Partly this is through the huge amount of waste the fabric industry produces on both an industry and consumer level.

Quilting is also a way to slow down and have some time for yourself. With the quilt you make, you tell the story of your life, and it's a way to process emotions and thoughts. This is aided with using fabrics that have meaning to you. Quilting is a tool to process grief, de-stress, grow confidence, and find inner peace, with as end result a beautiful useful object you can use throughout your days.

The 'Quilting Out of Your Home' guide teaches you which materials you need to quilt. It also gives an introduction on how to repurpose different kind of fabrics in your quilt. 

The quilt upcycle guide is the place to start for your own quilting journey! Complete with an introduction to sustainable quilting, project ideas and how to start your first quilt! Find out that quilting is much more than making blankets, it can be anything you desire.

  • Learn how to upcycle your old clothes and fabrics
  • Find a  budget-friendly creative hobby to relax
  • Get inspiration on sustainable quilting
  • Find a community of like-minded people to share upcycle ideas. 

You'll get the 'Quilting Out of Your Home' guide as a gift upon subscribing, 

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