Patchwork dragons scrap quilt

Dinosaurs quilt to give a nephew story inspiration before he sleeps

The Dino's have moved. And my mom tells their story

For many, many months, I had the pleasure of harbouring a flamboyant collection of Quilted Dinosaurs . My mom and I made them together because we both love dinosaurs. It was meant as a present for my young nephew. 

We 'forgot' for a while because the dino's looked so nice!

Dinosaur scrap quilt for a giftSustainable scrap quilt with dino's!

End of October, my mom took the dino's and turned them into this beautiful quilt for my nephew!

He since has received the gift and is superhappy with it! Another quilt went to a happy receiver.

Dino quilt for my nephewHappy nephew with a happy dino quilt
Check the video to hear her story on the dino's and how the quilt came to be.

Flamboyant purple patchwork dragon from scrapsPurple patchwork quilted dragon

-> Which dinosaur is your favourite and why? Let us know in the comments!

'Society's Trash will be Our Treasure'

Makers: Karin & Rianne from Kick Ass Quilts

Materials: Scraps

Technique: Paper piecing & #Patchwork

Pattern: Fandominstitches & Krachtdeken base pattern

Patchwork quilted dragon jurassic parkPatchwork dragon

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