Memory Quilt and butterfly

Memory Quilt: Xenia's quilt and a butterfly for hope, beauty and strength

A memory quilt is a way to remember the story of a person told through the clothes they wore.

Memory Quilt for xeniaMemory Quilt and butterfly. Photo by Clasien SelmanThis photo is made by my friend Clasien Selman. It's a combination of my butterfly quilt symbolizing hope and beauty through playfulness and the memory quilt I made for Xenia's mother. Xenia died very young because of cancer.

It's a fitting combination.

In honour of her, her parents started a non-profit to help young people with cancer to make memories with their friends, so they can forget about their illness for a while (find it here (in Dutch). The logo of her non-profit is a butterfly.

It was an honour and such a special project for me to make this memory quilt with Xenia her clothes.

Because, you know, making a memory quilt is not just upcycling the clothes in something new. It is also a process where I, as the quilter, become connected with the person whose clothes I used and her story.

Memory Quilt made from clothes of a loved oneMemory quilt for Xenia - Photo by Clasien Selman

Xenia and I also share a similar dream: Empowering young people.

I am sharing this story with you today because the quilt went to her mom. To give her comfort during the mourning process and to remember the times she had with her daughter through her clothes.

This is also something a quilt can be. It's a way to #mourn and to #connect people, stories and dreams. It's a way to find the power to continue life with the help of a meaningful and beautiful object.

Also, a memory quilt is a way to remember the story of a person told through the clothes they wore.

I also shared my thoughts on this quilt in a video. You can find it here:

'Societies Trash will be Our Treasure'
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