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Sustainable Quilting workshops & activities

The mission statement of Kick Ass Quilts is to teach anyone who wants to how to become a sustainable quilter. With quilts, we'll create a sustainable future where everyone feels welcome. Check the sustainability theory to find out how. 

This page an overview of Kick Ass Quilts online and offline activities.

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Juni 2022 Sustainable Quilt activities

April Kick Ass Quilts Activities:

May 2022 Kick Ass Quilts Activities:

  • 3-5 May: Gaya's Kick Ass Quilts festival 
  • 7 May: Clothing swop Amsterdam Kick Ass Welcome Quilts pop up
  • 13 May: Instagram live 'Kick Ass Welcome Quilt a long' 
  • 27 May: Welcome Quilt pop up experience BBLTK Wageningen

Welcome Quilt pop up quilt experience clothing swap AmsterdamWelcome Quilt pop up quilt experience clothing swap AmsterdamPractical information sustainable quilt activities

Let me know in the comments what kind of quilt activities you would love to have. Also, you can reply with questions on any of the sustainable quilting activities or email me about it. 

Sign up quilt activities: Email me at rianne@kickassquilts.org

Payment: Pay what you can.

Kick Ass Quilts wants everyone to be able to  experience the magic of quilting. Therefore, we do not have a set price for the activities for individuals. However, without contributions, I cannot contribute the work. Therefore, I ask people to contribute what they can. Here are the suggested prices:

  1. 'A Taste of Quilting' beginner class: €25,-
  2.  'Kick Ass Welcome Quilt' pop up experience: €5,- 
  3. Quilting bee studio Ede: €5,- 

You can pay cash in the contribution box on location or through this link: Contribute to Kick Ass Quilt sustainable activities.

Ps. Donations of textiles, scissors, seam rippers, thread, blankets etc. also welcome! Check the 'how to contribute' page for more ideas. 

'Societies Trash will be Our Treasure'

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