Mini Quilts: Why & what can you use them for?

Mini quilt are the perfect way to try out quilting, because the quilt is finished quickly. And once finished, the mini quilt can be used for many different things.

Have you ever wanted to make a quilt, but didn’t want to make it full size? Well, today you are in luck! Whether you just want to do a practice quilt, a tiny sampler quilt, a mini memory quilt, or you simply want a smaller-sized quilt, I have just the solution for you. Enter the mini quilt.

Mini quilts are a fraction of the size of regular quilts. Though they use smaller pieces of fabric in their construction, they can be finished relatively quickly. They are often more decorative than functional, but as well see, there are plenty of functional uses too.

Mini quilts are a great way to practice your blocks. You can practice doing Log Cabin, Roman Square, and various other quilt blocks.

Goodness, the possibilities are endless. Whatever you can imagine, you can probably accomplish with a mini quilt. They are adorable and so much fun to make!

Quilted Pet Blankets

Do you or a friend have a small pet? Mini quilts are the perfect snuggle blankets for animals. They are just the right size for tiny fur babies. You can make them with extra cushion for a bed, or you can create cozy pet blankets.

Quilted Table Runners, Potholders, Coasters, and Aprons

Want to decorate your tables? Why not make your own quilted table toppers? You can pick out the patterns and colours that match your unique personal style. Showcase your skills during festive dinners and holidays. Mini quilt table runners also make wonderful wedding or new home gifts.

Quilt Wall Décor and Signs

Decorate your home and showcase your skills with tiny wall quilts. You can mix and match various quilts to create a beautiful wall display. Have an empty spot on your photo wall? Why not fill it in with a mini quilt?

Quilts as Newborn Wraps and Cozies

Do you or a loved one have a baby on the way? What better way to welcome the little treasure into the world than to make him or her a mini blanket? Your child will enjoy it for many years to come.

One of the great things about mini quilts is that they come in various shapes and sizes. Mini quilts can be anywhere from the size of a drink coaster to the size of a decorative poster. It’s entirely up to you! You can also incorporate fun finishings and findings like lace, buttons, and ribbon into your mini quilt.

Mini quilt blocks are tiny and typically measure between 2” – 3” in size. A finished mini quilt is usually smaller than a 24” square. Therefore, if you want it to qualify for the miniature category in a quilt show, keep your mini quilt under the 24” mark for both height and width. However, with Kick Ass Quilts sustainable quilting methods the exact size doesn't matter, and is sometimes a surprise upon finishing the quilt.

Mini quilts really are a fast and enjoyable project. You can make one over the weekend or in your spare time if you are super busy. They are such a joy to design and construct. Plus, they make great gifts.

Once you try one, you’re sure to get hooked. 

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