Quilt design: Walk by method

Quilting design: Walk by method to test design

Test your quilt design subconsciously by hanging it somewhere and walk by it several times a day. You will feel if the design clicks or not.

Curtains are a perfect place to hang your quilt design. Other options are a design wall, the floor, or paintings or whatever you manage to stick pins in. 

By hanging up your quilt, you can check the design on a subconscious level by walking by it several times a day.

It allows you to look at your quilt several times a day without thinking about it too much.

In this way, you'll get a feel for the design and whether it feels right to you and clicks.

I call this the 'walk by' method, because you walk by your quilt several times to get that important subconscious feel to see if the design clicks.
Quilt design: Walk by method


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