Soft Sustainable Quilt Revolution Organogram - How to organize a movement with Kick Ass Quilts #1
12 juli 2022 
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Soft Sustainable Quilt Revolution Organogram - How to organize a movement with Kick Ass Quilts #1

Building the Sustainable Quilt Revolution with community - #1

Part of creating a soft #quilting #revolution is community.

And that's what I want to do with Kick Ass Quilts: create a society where people feel like they matter and can contribute.

So I decided to share the process of organizing, fundraising and pushing the 'Soft Sustainable Quilting Revolution' forward .

Today: the draft of the organogram.

Kick ass quilts starts out as a flower in between concrete, and grows into a tree with strong roots 

-> my invitation to you is to watch the video and give your input.

In that way, we all learn from each other and make the movement for a welcome world for everyone a reality!

I'll keep on sharing my process and inviting you to contribute. You get the updates directly in your inbox by subscribing to the newsletter at the bottom of this page.

-> Are you ready to join the Sustainable Quilt revoluton?

'Soctieties Trash will be Our Treasure' 

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Quilting has made me a stronger, more developed, and joyful person, and I've seen the same in many other people. Creativity is key to finding joy in life. There are many ways of being creative, I am your teacher in the quilting fabrication department.
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If you enrol for the newsletter, you get the e-book as a gift. And I promise you I won't send spam, only the occasional tips and inspiration to recycle old fabrics into new items.