Sustainable Quilting Update - End of the opening. 16 December 2022
16 december 2022 
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Sustainable Quilting Update - End of the opening. 16 December 2022

First of all, apologies for not having my head in the frame all the time. We all learn right?

I could have done a re-take but I never tell the story the same way twice. Also, this shows you that in live and quilting things like this happen. And like we add a piece of fabric to make a quilt block fit, I added a strip of quilting to fit in the gap my head should have been. 

The video is also interesting as audio anyway. 

The video is a Sustainable Quilting update. I talk about the work of Kick Ass Quilts and what has been happening. I plan to do this weekly or bi-weekly. This will make it easier for you all to keep track of what's happening and where you want to jump in with Sustainable Quilting!

You can check the video here:

I address these topics in the video:

-Reflections of how the opening in Almere went
-Selling and how to tell the story of your products so people understand
-Not selling something and learning instead of giving up
-The ebb and flow of losing and finding creative freedom
-A bird
-A holiday treat (get it here)

For now, let me end this video by wishing you all a happy days and a new year full of freedom, joy and nice people.

Follow your joy!

'Society's Trash will be Our Treasure'

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Quilting has made me a stronger, more developed, and joyful person, and I've seen the same in many other people. Creativity is key to finding joy in life. There are many ways of being creative, I am your teacher in the quilting fabrication department.
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