Poem: The Upcycle Blues by Rianne Doller
Poem: The Upcycle Blues
02 juli 2021 
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Poem: The Upcycle Blues

If it looks like I'm undressing you with my eyes 

It's because I want to make a quilt of your pants

If your laundry returns with a rip in your dress 

It's because I wanted it for my new bag 

If there's a stain I can't clean on your blouse 

I put it there myself so I can start cutting 

Don't trust me to iron your favourite shirt 

Because I will scorch it in a place I can’t use 

And don't ask me to fold your handkerchiefs 

Because I will surely declare them lost 

This is the kind of life you'll lead with an upcycler in your house 

Constantly wondering in which quilt your lost socks will turn up. 

And when another tie is sacrificed to become a bag 

Earlier published with the nom de plume BellaGBear, which is Rianne Doller

About the author
Quilting has made me a stronger, more developed, and joyful person, and I've seen the same in many other people. Creativity is key to finding joy in life. There are many ways of being creative, I am your teacher in the quilting fabrication department.
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