Come and join me in the magic of quilting in the sustainable quilt community

A digital home for sustainable textiles and upcycling through quilts

Would you like to be part of a community that supports you to be sustainable in matters of textile? A community that will give you ideas to upcycle clothes and scrap fabrics into useful items of beauty you can use? A community that supports you to take care of your mental health and take 30 minutes every day for yourself and your creativity through the magical art of quilting.

Kick Ass Quilts is creating an online Upcycle Quilting Bee offering just that! It's going to be a community for everyone who wants to work together to make this world a home again. Because you, me and our future friends, deserve to live happily in harmony with each other.  

My invitation to you is to fill in the survey below, so I know exactly what you need in the community to thrive.

Rianne of kick-ass quilts looking at her first quilt made with donated scrap fabrics and old clothes

Being part of a community of quilters helps you to explore your creative side. Community is  a place to share your ideas, to get inspiration, and to cheer each other on when necessary. 

In the community we come together with a common interest in creativity, sustainability, connection, joy, and mindfulness. Also, it is a place to work on challenges together, such as quilting for 30 minutes every day or making quilts to donate.

Sampler Quilt Kick Ass Quilts student Shelah Blauvelt
Quilting has long been on my 'to learn' craft list, but it seemed too complicated so I never knew where to start. The lessons in the quilt college were broken down into simple and easy steps, each clearly explained with text and video. I knew just what to do and how to do it (and if I didn't the community was right there to answer any questions!).

Aside from making quilting accessible to all level of learners, I was mainly attracted to this company because of her mission for sustainability.  Showing how to you can approach this craft with an ecological mindset was really refreshing and spoke to my own crafting personality.

On top of that weaving history and mindfulness into the content- just wow!

Really the kind of crafting needed today. I am almost finished with my very first quilt and I continue to be impressed with how easy, peaceful and enjoyable the process was made through these lessons. And getting  to incorporate scraps of fabric that have special meaning or would otherwise go unused will mean this quilt is bound to be treasured for a long time.
- Shelah Blauvelt