Quilt A Long: What is it and why is it great quilting fun?

Quilt A Long is a fun way to work on a quilt project within a community of people! It can be your friends, online or a combination of both.

This year I have so many wonderful quilt projects planned. If you have ever wanted to work on a quilt together with others, as a community, you will soon have the chance.

 I invite you to quilt along with me. We will be learning how to make various quilts from beginning to end. Along the way, I will teach you all the steps involved. The first Quilt A Long is a memory quilt in the shape of a mini quilt!

A Quilt Along is an activity where a group walks together during  the amazing process of quilt making. You will have the opportunity to join me at each stage of the process. We will set goals that we can reach together. As we move through each stage, you can submit your comments and questions. We may not be able to have a quilting bee in person, but we can certainly come together online. In this way, we can create something beautiful and unique, together.

A Quilt A Long usually follows a schedule. After signing up, you get a list of materials and how you can join. Because Kick Ass Quilts teaches sustainable quilting, the materials will consist of old clothes, scraps, and discarded textiles. This in accordance with the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle.

The pace may vary depending upon the size of the quilt and the experience level required for each type of quilt.

During the Quilt A Long you will be provided with helpful tips and tricks on how to navigate each step of the quilting process. Depending on the kind of quilt a long, there might also be other activities.

For example, during the 'A Taste of Quilting' a long we also share stories about the fabrics we've shared. The purpose of that quilt a long is making a memory quilt, so the memories associated with the clothes are an important part of that quilt along!

3.1 Joining A Kick Ass Quilts a Long

Kick Ass Quilts a longs are organized in several ways: through the newsletter, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. If you subscribe to the newsletter you are sure to get all updates.

Also, we have the Upcycle Quilt Community where you find step-by-step instructions and short videos to accompany every Kick Ass Quilts A long.

Phase I – Planning: Gathering Materials, Tools, and Fabrics

This is the phase where you chose the textiles you want to use for your quilt. Also, you can check if you have all the sewing materials. You only need 9 tools to quilt with the Kick Ass Quilts method.

Phase II – Blocks, Front and Back

The second phase is constructing the quilt top. It will teach you how to prepare your clothes, how to cut the fabric pieces out of it, and how to sew them together into a quilt top!

Phase III – Making quilt sandwich

The next phase is making the quilt sandwich. In this phase, you learn how to pick a batting from recycled textiles and a backing fabric.  Also, I'll show you several ways to attach the 3 layers together. This phase of quilting really allows you to play around and do some creative stuff with embroidery thread if you want.

Phase IV – Put a ring on it

In this phase, I will provide the finishing instructions for your quilt. We will learn how to apply binding and add a quilt label.

And that's it! You have a finished quilt to be proud of! Doesn't that feel wonderful.

I am super excited to be offering various quilt along projects throughout the year. With my frequent quilt along projects, you will have many opportunities to learn how to quilt, gain additional experience, and sharpen the skills you already have. I am looking forward to sharing my passion for quilt making with you.

If you want to join in the fun, please subscribe to the newsletter or join Quilt College. Those are the places you get the updates first.


I'd love to have your views on this article in the comments! Also, answer the questions, so I consider your needs in my future projects

  • What kind of quilt along would you like to do?
  • Have you ever done a Quilt A Long? If yes, what did you love about it most?
  • What is your favourite place to follow a quilt a long? For example, a closed community, Instagram live, YouTube videos, through newsletter etc.

Thanks for your input and for visiting Kick Ass Quilts.

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