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What is the Magic of Quilting?

Quilting has always helped me to find joy, purpose, a sense of belonging and connection in life. I can express myself best through the language of textiles and art. Also, while I get to make beautiful everyday objects by quilting, my friends and family got presents that showed them I care. Quilting is a love language for yourself and the people around you.  


So when it became time to make my mark on the world, quilting naturally became part of that. Quilting as a tool to offer an alternative way of living and to relate to the world.  A way that’s conscious of your own needs, those of other people, and of the planet! And that’s how Kick Ass Quilts and the Magic of Quilting is born!

Rianne Doller: Mother of Quilts

A vision for the future with Quilts

Imagine a world where quilting is an important part of society. Where quilting is used to connect people, create a sense of community and offer hope for the future to young people who find it difficult to find their place in society.

 The magic of quilting becomes a universal language, weaving together stories, cultures, and experiences into a vibrant, interconnected fabric of life. It’s a world where the act of creating a quilt transcends mere craftsmanship; it symbolizes unity, empathy, and respect for the Earth.

Kick Ass Quilts is committed to the values sustainability, connection, joy, and mindfulness. This is to use the traditional aspects of quilting, and transform them into a movement that has a positive impact on society and on the craft of quilting. The focus is on empowering young people through the activities of Kick Ass Quilts who struggle to find their place in society, because young people are the future. 

The mission of Kick Ass Quilts

Our mission is to keep the ancient craft of quilting alive and use it to address and solve current societal challenges such as sustainability, social isolation and mental health issues.

This with a focus on empowering young people together so that they can find their place in society in a powerful way because young people are the future.

Awareness & Storytelling

To promote the relevance of quilting as a solution, and to raise awareness, of current social challenges such as sustainability, mental health problems and social isolation.

Quilting & Craftmanship

Quilting finds Purpose Amongst Youth in Challenging Circumstances.

Connection & Community

To use quilts to connect people, create a sense of community and offer hope for the future. And to work together with other organisations for this purpose.

Will you join us with our mission?

Quilting offers connection, creativity, self-expression and a different perspective to life. Will you help us let the world know about our mission? Check our work on socials and share it with your people. 

‘Society’s Trash will be Our Treasure’ 

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Society’s trash will be our treasure​

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