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Why quilting?

Because it has always helped me to find joy and a sense of purpose in life. Also, it was a way for me to connect with like-minded people when I was very insecure as a youth. I am a testominial to what happens if youth gets the opportunity to expand, heal and create in their own way.

That’s the magic of quilting! Creating a joyful meaningful life in connection with yourself, others and the planet. And with Kick Ass Quilts we have the mission to spread that magic of quilting to everyone.

Stitch by stitch

Imagine a world where sustainability and inclusivity converge, opening their arms wide to all who step into the magical realm of quilting. In this harmonious tapestry of existence, each individual, regardless of their background or identity, finds a warm and inviting space where they are not only welcome but celebrated.

The magic of quilting becomes a universal language, weaving together stories, cultures, and experiences into a vibrant, interconnected fabric of life. It’s a world where the act of creating a quilt transcends mere craftsmanship; it symbolizes unity, empathy, and respect for the Earth.

In this sustainable haven, every stitch represents a thread of hope for a better future, a more inclusive society, and a healthier planet. Together, we quilt a world where everyone feels not only welcome but cherished, where the shared passion for this timeless craft unites us all in a tapestry of shared dreams and aspirations.

Making an impact

Quilting is more than just a craft; it’s a sustainable act of creation. By upcycling old textiles, quilters reduce waste and breathe new life into forgotten fabrics. The process is a testament to resourcefulness.

Thread saver

Rescue textiles from the trash bin through the art of quilting.

Purpose for youth

Quilting finds Purpose Amongst Youth in Challenging Circumstances.

Reduce consumption

Quilting plays a part in decreasing consumption and supports reusing.

Unified by Quilting

Anyone can join the movement #KickassQuilts!

Will you join us with our mission?

Creating a sustainable, inclusive world where the enchantment of quilting embraces us all together. Start Quilting!

Will you be apart?

Society’s Trash
will be
Our Treasure