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Sustainable Quilting

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Quilt Workshops

Sustainable Quilting sessions for schools, friend groups, quilt guilds or organizations. Beginner-friendly and available offline or online.

Sustainable Friends

Sustainable Quilt products made from discarded clothes and saved textiles. They bring peace, meaning, and joy into your life.

Support Krachtdekens

We give courage and comfort to disenfranchised young people with sustainable quilts made by volunteers

Visitors address (appointment only)

De Steiger 113
1351 AK Almere
The Netherlands

Sustainable Quilts Soft Toys

Restjesvogeltjes duurzame quilts van oude kleding

Upcycle Clothing With Quilting

Kleding Upcyclen quilt technieken

Sustainable Quilting Workshops

Duurzame Quilt Workshops van Kick Ass Quilts<br />

Kick Ass Quilts for a Sustainable Future for Everyone

Quilting is an ancient craft where environmental awareness, fun, mindfulness and connection are key. Kick Ass Quilts has developed a modern inclusive, sustainable quilting method based on those values.

With that sustainable quilting method, we are introducing a wide audience to the magical craft of quilting and the inclining power of quilting for people, communities and the planet.

Reviews of Sustainable Quilting Participants

“I had a great afternoon with Rianne, learning about quilting and trying to make something myself. She is patiënt and very enthusiastic about making something with what others might call trash, old clothes and stuff. Great for a workshop or course to learn about quilting and upcycling 😁”

-Monique Sluiter

“Quilting has long been on my ’to learn’ craft list, but it seemed too complicated so I never knew where to start. The lessons in the quilt college were broken down into simple and easy steps, each clearly explained with text and video. I knew just what to do and how to do it (and if I didn’t the community was right there to answer any questions!). Aside from making quilting accessible to all level of learners, I was mainly attracted to this company because of her mission for sustainability. Showing how to you can approach this craft with an ecological mindset was really refreshing and spoke to my own crafting personality. On top of that weaving history and mindfulness into the content- just wow! Really the kind of crafting needed today. I am almost finished with my very first quilt and I continue to be impressed with how easy, peaceful and enjoyable the process was made through these lessons. And getting to incorporate scraps of fabric that have special meaning or would otherwise go unused will mean this quilt is bound to be treasured for a long time.”

-Shelah Blauvelt

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Visitor address (appointments only)

De Steiger 113
1351 AK Almere
The Netherlands