Learn to quilt in a sustainable and mindful way
Hand quilting with a green Lada vintage sewing machine.

Looking for a sustainable hobby to take a break from your busy life?

Learn how to quilt with old clothes and discarded fabrics

Hand quilting with a green Lada vintage sewing machine.

looking for a sustainable hobby to take a break from your busy life?

Learn how to quilt with old clothes and discarded fabrics

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What is on offer with Kick-Ass Quilts?

Mini quilter coaster purple with a cup of water on it. Made with the n*patch desire technique

Quilting college

Learn how to quilt together with like-minded people in the Kick-Ass Quilts College. It is a college true to its word with lessons AND engagement with fellow students.  Learn to use YOUR own creativity
Upcycle kitenge farbic scraps from the tailor drying in the sun

Quilting public library

The Kick-Ass Quilts library offers free information on quilting and everything fabric-related in the true community  public-library spirit. From different kind of fabrics to tips how to improve your own quilting.
Rianne from Kick-Ass Quilts pointing to Kenya the distance with a colourful quilt made with Kitenge Kenyan fabrics

Kenyan quilt holiday

During the Kick-Ass Quilt Holiday you will learn to quilt with local fabrics, engage with local women and get to know the colourful side of Kenya! Pre-sign up for December 2021 available.
Rianne holds her kenyan quilt made with scrap fabrics and kitenge with quilt patterns designed by Rianne

What is Kick-Ass Quilts?

In this quilting community, you will not only learn how to quilt, but you will also discover a new way to relax and get back to yourself from the hecticness of daily life. For our philosophy, think about the expression 'I haven't found time for it yet'. Both because it hints at an epic quest to find this allusive time, but also because in this day and age, we all seem so lost and desperately finding some kind of peace and quiet. And time is exactly what we need to find a way back to ourselves.  Join me on my adventure to learn how to quilt sustainably and budget-friendly. And we'll find friendship and community along the way.

 All the lessons in the Kick-Ass Quilts College are designed to guide you to  unleash your own creativity and to create beautiful works of (fabric)art! 

"Societies trash will be our treasure"

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Knowing nothing didn't stop John Snow to save Westeros. So knowing nothing abut quilting shouldn't stop you to start! 

Let quilting bring you a new dawn of wonderful peace and handmade items to your life! 

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