Sustainable Quilting community with quilted party flags

A sustainable world for everyone with the Magic of Quilting

Everyone has value, nothing is trash

A hopeless situation can be transformed into a way out and beauty with the Magic of Sustainable Quilting.

Every person has value and a role in society. All textiles have value.

Learn how with Kick Ass Quilts

Sustainable Quilting Classes

Learn to make something new and beautiful from old clothes and saved textiles with the Magic of Sustainable Quilting

Sustainability is about connection & inclusion. Contribute to a Sustainable Quilt donated to disenfranchised youth

Kick Ass Quilts: A Sustainable Quilting revolution

With the Magic of Quilting, we can create a Sustainable World where everyone feels welcome. This by bringing together connection, mindfulness, joy, and sustainability into the art of Quilting. 

Kick Ass Quilts does this by showing you how I repurpose any kind of saved textiles into Sustainable Quilt Art. Also, you can learn how to make Sustainable Quilts yourself! 

Rianne of kick-ass quilts looking at her first quilt made with donated scrap fabrics and old clothes

Sustainable quilting for a joyful happy life

Quilting is an age-old craft where sustainability,  joy, mindfulness and connection are key. Kick Ass Quilts has developed a modern, inclusive, sustainable quilting method based on these values.

With the sustainable quilting method, we introduce a new audience to the magical art of quilting. Also, we show the healing power of quilting for people, communities and the planet.

Experience the magic of quilts with the beginner memory quilt class. 

Quilt with old clothes and turn them into a lasting memory. 

Only your hands, some clothes and basic sewing supplies required!

Donation quilts for disenfranchised youth

Krachtdekens are given to disenfranchised youth

With the donation quilt we let them know they have value

The quilts are made as groups or by individuals. 

Quilted bags together on a bench

Sustainable Quilt Community

DIY method to learn to quilt as tool to ground yourself

Create a sustainable life while creating beauty from trash

Short videos to add creativity to even the busiest days

Rianne of Kick Ass Quilts holding Dear Jane Quilt Sampler made from all the colours in solid fabrics looking determined

About Sustainable Quilting & Rianne

Kick ass quilts' teaching' philosophy is all about creating a beautiful world for you, your community and everyone else to live in. We reach that with joy, connection, mindfulness and sustainable living. Quilting stands at the basis of that goal. The teaching enables you to create a good home for yourself, to connect with others, and to find joy and satisfaction in life through quilting.

With sustainable quilting, you turn old clothes and discarded fabrics into gorgeous, useful objects you can use. The quilt classes are easy to follow and give you the basis to apply to your own style and needs. In that way, you get empowered to take matters of home textiles into your own hands!

Sustainable Quilting knowledge library

Articles about quilting, mindfulness, sustainability, connection and joy.

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