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Quilted party flags

How to make everyone part of the Quilting Party for a sustainable, welcome world for everyone.


A Tutorial on making sustainable upcycled party flags! *

* Also very suitable as memory party flags with beloved old clothes so every party will be adorned with wonderful memories.

This is a a video ‘from the old box’ as we say in the Netherlands. Meaning, an old video that is becoming available to you all! This is good news for you all because it means that I am getting the kick Ass Quilts website in order.

The website will be the place to get all the tutorials and extra instructions in one place! Please bear with me for a bit to get it all organized with nice explanations and such. This woman has a job and a mission that goes like 4 directions. But I promise you it is all connected and will be full of the wonderful magic of quilting :) Do you want to support this mission and make it easier to get updates out regulary? Support Kick Ass Quilts through Patreon or with a Ko-Fi! - -


Do you have any questions about this tutorial? Send me an email or leave a comment on the Youtube video and I’ll get back to you.


Or try this party flag tutorial.


‘Societies Trash will be Our Treasure’

Attachments tutorial

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30 minutes


Beginner tutorial


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