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Quilts are more than just fabric and thread; they are stories woven together with creativity, craftsmanship, and love. Each quilt tells a unique tale, bearing the essence of its maker’s imagination, passion and style. 

Quilts are also a way to connect. To connect the people who work on a quilt, the person receiving a quilt.

Lastly, quilts are a way to remember, to let go and to express stories. Fabrics hold memories, ideas and meaning, especially old clothes. Using those ‘Saved Textiles’ for quilts keeps memories alive and creates objects that have meaning. 

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The magic of Quilting

The magic of Quilting can take many different shapes and forms. We share some inspiration with you of Kick Ass Quilts we make and the quilting projects we organize. Do you want to share your quilting magic too? Email us, we’d love to see your quilts. 

Quilt tutorials

Learn to quilt yourself with saved textiles.



Krachtdeken Quilts for young people to give them comfort and courage. This is a voluntary-driven project. Find out more here



Sharing the magic of quilting with others, both live and online. We also provide inspirational sessions, tutoring in small groups, and educating the educators sessions.



Sharing our stories creates connection, healing and hope. The softness of a Quilt makes it a save place to share a story. This in the form of videos, art and custom quilt projects


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Use #kickassquilts and share your quilting magic!

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