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Quilting.. What is it?

Quilting is an ancient technique and craft. The word quilting comes from the Latin word “culcita”, which means stuffed bag. This is basically correct: A quilted object has several layers, one of which is ‘stuffing’. This produces soft blankets, but also sturdy jackets, washable soft toys and wall hangings with a fascinating texture.

Quilting has since developed many forms and manifestations, from hyper-consumption to extreme thrift, from art to home crafts and from a means of connection to individual relaxation.

Society’s Trash
will be
Our Treasure

The art of Quilting

A common thread in many of these movements is the use of quilts to tell personal stories and to address social issues. Quilters have also always made objects of use for their loved ones to show love and to keep them warm.

Kick Ass Quilts aims to use the ancient art of Quilting to connect people, create a sense of community and offer a different perspective on life.  Our focus is on empowering young people who are stuck to find their place in the world. Through quilting, young and old can connect and together build communities and a hopeful future.

The Magic of Quilting

Kick Ass Quilts is committed to the values sustainability, connection, joy, and mindfulness. This is to use the traditional aspects of quilting and transform them into a modern movement that has a positive impact on society and on the craft of quilting.





Learn to Quilt

Part of our movement is to introduce people to Quilting. This website offers a sample of our online tutorials. 

Discover the magic of quilting with our tutorials whether you’re a beginner or seeking to expand your quilting skills. The tutorials focus on storytelling, using saved textiles.

With easy-to-follow instructions, tips, and inspiration, these tutorials allow you to create quilts that tell your story. 

Mini memory quilt coaster from old clothes tutorial
Beginner tutorialmemory quilt
Mini Memory Quilt Coaster
your first quilt in one hour
Beginner tutorialscrap quiltsmall project
Your first Quilt in 1 hour

Unleash your inner Quilter

Quilting offers creativity, self-expression, and the joy of crafting beautiful, functional art, whether you’re a novice or an experienced creator. Just try it!

Already convinced?

Society’s Trash
will be
Our Treasure