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Mini Memory Quilt Coaster

‘A taste of quilting’ is a relaxing project where you learn how to turn those old clothes you love, but can’t wear anymore, into a lasting memory.

You can use the mini memory quilt as a coaster, so every time you enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of gin, you are reminded of those memories when you put the cup down. Also, you can sneak the mini-quilt in your pocket, so every time you have an important presentation you can take the good memories with you to give you strength.

The project will take around 3 hours in total. The only thing you need is 2-3 items of clothing you don’t mind cutting up for the lasting memory (non-stretch works best) and basic sewing supplies.

During this tutorial series you learn the basics of quilting to make the mini-quilts. Call it ‘a taste of quilting’. Also, you get to share your story through the quilt you make. Storytelling and sharing memories is one of the foundational ways to make connections with other people. Especially if it’s done under the banner of creative expression.

Find the full playlist tutorial for the mini memory quilt here.

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