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Foundation piecing scrap quilt

A pink small ‘krachtdeken’ for my spiritual teacher. It’s something to give her peace, comfort, and strength. Maybe something small to use in meditation or to put important objects on.

The quilt is about 60 * 60 cm.

And to help you all I’ve decided to create a tutorial about it ! This tutorial shows you how to make a scrap quilt from a drawing quickly with the scraps you have at home. There is no need to draw out an elaborate quilt pattern, because scrap quilts are all about improvisation and seeing the end result evolve while you go! This is my drawing:

Prayer blanket pattern scrap quilt

This tutorial will take you through the full quilting process:

  • Creating pattern pieces
  • Piecing the quilt blocks
  • Assembling the block
  • The quilt sandwich
  • Adding an invisible border
  • And some musings on colour use.


Check the youtube video to jump through the different chapters.

-> Did you like this tutorial? Let me know in the comments! Also, I am open for suggestions for different kind of tutorials.

‘Society’s Trash will be Our Treasure’

Attachments tutorial

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5 minutes


Intermediate tutorial


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