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Diamond Shaped Quilt

This is a diamond shaped quilt for a baby. This quilt is made from the clothes of his family members. What a nice way to welcome him into the family!

With this tutorial, you can make your own diamond-shaped quilt from clothes!

If you have questions or if things are unclear, please let me know in the comments on YouTube or email me at

Materials needed for this baby quilt:

How to create the diamond shaped quilt

  1. Create the pattern piece.
  2. Prepare the fabric by cutting off all the seams and ironing it so you have large pieces of fabric.
  3. Use the pattern piece to cut out diamond shapes from the fabrics.
  4. Lay out the fabric pieces in a pleasing quilt design
  5. Iron on the interfacing to prevent stretching
  6. Sew the diamond shapes together into diagonal strips
  7. Enjoy your finished diamond shaped quilttop!
  8. Finish the quilt top as you please


‘Society’s Trash will be Our Treasure’

Attachments tutorial

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