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We aim to use the ancient art of Quilting to connect people, empower youth, foster communities, and to create awareness about alternative ways of living. All while saving textiles from the trash!

With your help we can make a bigger impact and keep doing our work. Our aim is to create communities, so the imput of the (global) community is needed!

Society’s trash will be our treasure​

Show your support by donating

One way you can help us by donating money.

We use the funds to keep the website running, pay for materials and maintenance, to develop teaching materials, and other necessities to run Kick Ass Quilts.

Support on Patreon

Through Patreon, you can give a small monthly donation. This helps a lot to plan activities and create stable programs. In return, we can teach you to quilt or help with other community efforts. 

Support on Ko-Fi

Through Ko-Fi you can give a one-time donation. If you prefer paypal, go here. Are you Dutch and you prefer bank transfer, go here. 


Do you want to help without money?

The mission will work if everyone does what they came. Some with money, and some with other things. Here are some suggestions how you can support Kick Ass Quilts.

Create a Quilt

Create a Krachtdeken quilt to donate and bring warmth and comfort to youth in need with saved textiles. It’s also possible to make part of a Quilt for others to finish. 


Engage with us

A lot of our work happens online. It helps a lot if many people like, share and comment on our content. This helps the movement grow.  


“ Wonderful initiative to make new creations from old clothing and fabrics."

Caro Clasina Verwaal

Will you join us with our mission?

Quilting offers connection, creativity, self-expression and a different perspective to life. Will you help us let the world know about our mission? Check our work on socials and share it with your people. 

‘Society’s Trash will be Our Treasure’ 

Just a simple like, helps us out a lot already!


Society’s trash will be our treasure​