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Your first Quilt in 1 hour

You want to learn how to quilt?

Coasters are an excellent way to start!

  • They are small, so done quickly
  •  Easy to use in your day to day for sprinkles of joy
  • Use scraps you love to repurpose
  • They can be done by hand! And are a perfect portable craft!


However, all these arguments don’t necessarily make this whole quilting thing feel easy. So to help you I got a series of videos for you. In this series I talk you through the whole coaster making process.


A ‘Summer of Quilting Fun’ to learn Quilting with small projects

This tutorial is part of the ‘A Summer of Quilting Fun’ events hosted in the summer of 2023. The event was all about offering easy tutorials to do while going on adventures in the summer!

  • The projects are suitable for handsewing and using the sewing machine.
  • They use tiny pieces of scraps
  • Super easy projects to bring with you and do in 5 minute stretches of time.


The projects are:

Project 1: A turnaround coaster – Your first quilt in 1 hour
Project 2: Kawandi – Liven up any boring outfit
Project 3: Patchwork patching – Mend clothes on the go
Project 4: Party flags – Partying with memorable textiles / keep memories
Project 5: Colour theory – Learn how to work with ANY kind of fabric and colour

Attachments tutorial

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Do you need some help?


13 minutes


Beginner tutorial


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