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Quilts are more than just fabric and thread; they are stories woven together with creativity, craftsmanship, and love. Each quilt tells a unique tale, bearing the essence of its maker’s imagination and passion. From intricate patterns to bold color choices.

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How to use the magic of quilting

Quilts come in a variety of forms, each with its unique charm. From eco-friendly creations to comforting blankets and the limitless expression of personal style, quilting offers something for everyone to enjoy and cherish.

Soft Toys

With a quilt I feel at home wherever I are.


Quiltify your life, Pillows & Bags

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Sharing our stories creates connection and healing. Quilts are a safe way to share that story
in the comfort of a handmade treasure. Or get on the stage and proudly share the story of the
quilts you make!


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Society’s trash will be our treasure​